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Test Anxiety

As I’ve mentioned, I’m no fan of Michelle Rhee and the GERM movement, which hinges on testing as an accountability measure for both teaching and learning. 1,937 more words


English 6002-January 25-Teaching as Facilitation not Reproduction

As a student of rhetoric and composition, teaching literary studies is foreign territory to me. However, the readings for this week opened my mind to ways that I can use my rhet/comp background in a way that translates to literature and cultural studies. 660 more words


Braddock: "The Frequency and Placement of Topic Sentences in Expository Prose"

Braddock, Richard. “The Frequency and Placement of Topic Sentences in Expository Prose” Research in the Teaching of English. 8.3 (1974): 287-302. Web.


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Maybe Predicted PARCC Test Score Dip Will Be About Scaffolding...If It Happens

Before the PARCC tests were, well, tested many educators began to predict a dip in test scores as an inevitable outcome. And another good excuse for missing NCLB goals was born. 547 more words


"Feedback is what happens second" Part I

Gearing up for spring semester begins late in fall semester for me. That’s a practical matter–if I waited until the fall semester was over to gear up for spring, I’d be behind schedule immediately. 1,233 more words


Recreations and Chares

In a document, written by Amos Bronson Alcott that has been reproduced by Orchard House, Alcott writes down the schedule for his school at Hillside with Sophia Foord and Charles Lane. 501 more words

19th Century Women

Where and from Whom Do You Learn?

Yesterday during our panel, “Liberal Education Unbound: The Life of Signature Student Work in the Emerging Digital Learning Environment” I asked an audience participation question intended to illustrate what we mean by the emerging digital learning ecosystem.   97 more words