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Technology and Higher Education

When the focus is on student-learning, technology is superior.
When the focus is on technology, student-learning is inferior.

Technology in higher education is a hot topic across the world, and one that gets the hearts of passionate educators pounding.  456 more words

Stuart Miller

Education Update #18

Online Learning Communities: Why Students and Teachers Need Them

As our society travels further into the Age of Information, we tend to forget how to teach our children to be lifelong makers and learners. 732 more words


Design Methodology is a movement. Movements are fun.

This is our movement.

This is our Woodstock.
This is our Hannibal crossing the Alps.
This is our Four Minute Mile
This is our Civil Rights Movement. 660 more words


11 Major Teaching Mistakes to Avoid

“There’s a certain class of mistakes that all educators can eliminate with conscious effort, and in this post we outline 11 of them. They range from habits of practice to habits of thought, but all of them have one important thing in common: they make your job harder. 10 more words

A Dangerous Thing

Common Core Not So Hot of an Issue

The heated debate that is being waged over the Common Core is neither. Yes, it is July, which renders any environment a bit sultry…but the Common Core has slipped under the heading of safe binary disputes over pedagogy. 455 more words

Issues And Ideas


I use various pedagogical frameworks to inform my instruction.  I’ve been inspired by educational thinkers like Howard Gardner, Jean Piaget, and Lev Vygotsky.  As someone with both an education and psychology background, I understand the importance of child development in learning.   212 more words

Elementary Education

Interview: Dan Meyer on Using a Ladder to Clear a High Bar

Dan Meyer is as a close to a celebrity that a math educator can get. We all owe him a debt of gratitude for making math nerds look cool. 587 more words