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Ireland International Conference on Education (IICE-2015) in April


Ireland International Conference on Education (IICE-2015)
April 20-22, 2015
Dublin, Ireland

The IICE is an international refereed conference dedicated to the advancement of the theory and practices in education.

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Higher Education, Secondary Education, Primary Education

Teacher and Student & Curriculum and Pedagogy

When synthesising the ideas surrounding teacher and student and curriculum and pedagogy in relation to communities of practice I decided new terms might need to be created. 142 more words


A PD Day and Assessment

I attended a PD session today focusing on assessment for learning and assessment as learning.  It was in a format where our secondary teachers were split across two locations.   387 more words


Why saying “I don’t know” is the most powerful tool a teacher has.

As educators, we tend to think that our students look at us as always have the answers to their questions. We often go to great lengths to research a unit so that we make sure we have the answers to all sorts of ridiculous and banal question that could possibly come up in class. 493 more words


Constrain, Apply, and Release

by Lukasz Kurowski, Professor of Philosophy and Social Sciences

Over the past few years I have noticed that in the age of social media and the world of Google our students appear to have lost specific analytical abilities (or perhaps they have never acquired them), namely the vital need for reflection upon particular ideas or concepts and then applying what is learned from those reflections upon specific questions. 697 more words


Reza Aslan, Islam, and the Cultural Studies Approach to Teaching about Religion

(What this title lacks in pith it makes up for in accuracy.)

Reza Aslan is a historian of religions who happens also to be a Muslim. 993 more words