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I lied….I will blog the birthday party but this is weighing heavily on my mind this morning.


I hate seeing other people and their babies. I hate seeing other people with their healthy children. 306 more words


The First Birthday part 1

Jaxon’s birthday was last Thursday. It’s taken me a while to be ok with it. It’s been a very emotional year and knowing that this is my first and only child kind of makes it bittersweet. 424 more words


Becoming Complacent

It shouldn’t have come as a surprise. I knew what to expect. I knew what was coming down the line. But when our PT finally said the words “We need to get a brace for Jaxon’s foot” I felt so deflated. 372 more words


March photo a day challenge, OT, and a birthday party

In an effort to hold myself accountable for something (because who doesn’t need that kind of pressure) I’ve decided to do a photo a day challenge for the month of March. 654 more words


How I Really Feel

1. Scared

All the time. He coughs and I’m afraid he’s choking. He sounds congested and I’m scared he has pneumonia. When he has one of his crying fits I’m afraid of what it’s doing to his heart. 801 more words


Valentines, Mohawks and Presents

Jaxon’s first Valentine’s day! This was all I saw of him that day. It was my long day at work and my wonderful mother-in-law offered to keep him overnight. 291 more words