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What Dr. Sears has to say about it...

Dr. Sears, one of the most well-known pediatricians in the world, with 30 years in practice, 40+ pediatric books, articles in parenting magazines, and appearances on more than 100 television programs such as 20/20, Good Morning America, Oprah, CBS, CNN, NBC’s Today Show and Dateline, plus he has 8 kids, talks about how JUICE PLUS+ can & will benefit you and your family. 13 more words

Clean Eating

Sick Again

And take 2. V is sick again. He started showing symptoms a few days ago, little sniffles, rubbing his nose and face. S and I being in denial that he could possibly ever get sick again kept brushing it off as allergies or teething. 185 more words


Autism: Signals

Last week we spoke about Autism Spectrum Disorder, describing what it was and giving a basic understanding.  This week we offer a new animation outlining some of the telltale signals in children at an early age with ASD.   22 more words

Infant Care

Six Month Checkup

Eleanor had a great checkup today – everything looked excellent.  She has moved on to her Stage 2 foods and the doctor said she can even start the veggie puffs – which of course I went out and purchased ASAP! 35 more words

Scientists: 'Helicopter Parenting' Leads To Overweight Kids

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Scientist say parental fears could be making kids fat. For the first time, researchers say they can prove that ‘helicopter parenting’ – adults who micromanage their child’s every move – may be contributing to the childhood obesity epidemic. 446 more words


The greatest call to the pediatrician ever. In history. I promise.

It was not so long ago that I wrote all about my experience and evolution as a mother, and how I have learned so much in just four and a half years. 424 more words


Peanuts, Fish and Teeth this week.

Another week has raced by and we are looking toward Saturday, when mom will be back again.

This week had a few important milestones for us. 399 more words