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Mathew Cobalt Marthaler: Immerse Yourself in Culture

As a fan of the arts, Mathew Cobalt Marthaler recognizes the value of exposure to a variety of art formats and genres. Taking the time to learn and enjoy the many wonderful things the world of culture has to offer is important to the maintenance of a well-balanced life. 204 more words

Mathew Cobalt Marthaler

The beginning...

We knew Levi wasn’t exactly where “he should be” when we went for his 18 month checkup and he was only saying 4-5 words. Our pediatrician was optimistic and said, “Oh well, he’ll probably be closer to 2 when he starts talking.”  Well, 24 months came and went and, unfortunately, there had been little progress. 443 more words


In Ten Years... (Journalism)

Music booms out of very large speakers, which stand at a reasonable distance from the crystal clear waters me and close family and friends splash and jump around in.   663 more words

Pediatric Radiology Waiting Room

A physician’s waiting room is never a great place to spend a lot of time.  I thought the above comic was a great spin on the popular book… 102 more words


A Diagnosis in Our Future?

Eleanor saw Dr. S today for a follow-up. Unfortunately, the results from her blood tests have not come in yet. Dr. S said that if she had to lean towards one condition over the other, it would be Growth Hormone Deficiency based on symptoms and the suspicion of Austin having it also. 141 more words


BAD Pediatrician!

I wasn’t going to write about our experience with Coyer’s pediatrician…  but, the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to share my story with other moms out there who may read this.  945 more words

Baby Boy

Things I Wish Someone Warned Me Regarding Motherhood

Lately, whenever I see ads of smiling mothers with their perfectly behaved babies, something in me just wants to tear it a cosmos full of new ones. 1,691 more words