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Savile and the 9th Circle … SUFFER LITTLE CHILDREN – THE ROYAL TRUTH (Russell Burton FILM)


For all those abused and traumatised children … this is giving them a voice
. . . a film by Russell Burton


Arrests made across the UK : 660 arrests in paedophile inquiry : Dark net child abuse sites breached

Hundreds of suspected paedophiles, including doctors and teachers, are held as part of six-month operation led by the National Crime Agency.


Kids -_-

Sorry had no other picture so yeaa heehee ((that’s me :| )).We all know kids are da most honest kind of humanss.They tell the truth((most of the time)),they speak their mind out((bad or good)).I find them terribly cute until they start turning annoying and noisy.My cousins who are twins,are literally adorable BUT irritating.They make a mess out of everything.And when they get hurt,I would get the blame.Ugh dont you just hate that?¿Gahahahaha yea sorry i post random topics all the time XD


Pedophile Babysitter

Title       : Pedophile Babysitter

Author  : @Yurihapsary [ ide cerita milik Twentae ]

Cast       : Luhan. Minseok

Length  : Oneshot

Genre   : Mature . NC21 and Romance… 1,595 more words