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New toy

I have purchased a pedometer. This set me back £16, and for this I get a small digital lozenge that clips to my belt and counts the number of paces I have taken over a given period of time, the distance covered, the time taken and the calories burned. 230 more words

Lights, misery and fitness

One of the things that’s keeping me sane and healthy is my recent return to health and fitness. A recurring theme in this blog is my never ending woes about my health and weight issues, which usually led to a lot of respiratory and reproductive problems. 761 more words


How To Get Fit When You Happen To Be A Busy Individual

To start becoming fit is one of the most difficult things to do when you are a busy adult. You could not even think you have time for it. 590 more words


Pebble Counts Steps & Saves Bucks

Pebble Pedometer
The Cleveland Clinic is offering employee discounts on health insurance if they wear a Pebble pedometer and log 100,000 steps per month for six months.     69 more words

How Losing Weight Can Offer Us A Healthier Lifestyle

Losing weight can be tough for us, particularly as we age. Weight loss is typically an indicator of enhanced exercise, and a reduced consumption of calories. 520 more words


Good Enough Life Coach Contacts a Coach - Part 1

Readers of my last post know that I have been on a desperate quest for worksite wellness points so I can achieve that next level where I incidentally get a $75 reward. 773 more words

Good Enough Fitness

Exercise Your Way To Much Better Wellbeing

We all know that exercising is important in our everyday lives. It is one of the backbones of our overall health. Physical exercise has long been advocated as an ideal way to stay healthful, next only to healthy diet we consume.Physical exercising is verified efficient in lowering stress as well as emotional setbacks. 421 more words