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App Review: Fitbit

There is something mildly addictive about checking how many steps you walk each day. This isn’t a proper app review because I’m only using my phone as a steps counter and I don’t have one of those wristband things. 172 more words


10 000 Steps | Ozeri Sport 4x3 Digital 3D Pedometer*

A few weeks ago I read an article about a woman who was speaking about starting her life over, and I wish I could link it here, but I cannot for the life of me remember where I read it. 593 more words


I'm Being Stalked

Yesterday I went out again without my Fitbit.  I need to glue that thing on or something because I almost never remember.  It was a gift so I feel guilty every time I neglect to wear it lol.   340 more words

Just Life

New Year, New Me...again

I always seem to find that the Christmas madness never ends until mid-January for me. By the time I have taken the decorations down, eaten the rest of the mince pies and prepared for and celebrated both my sister’s and husband’s birthdays (the 13th and 15th if you’re wondering), only then can I finally sit down, take stock and start planning my New Year’s Resolutions. 285 more words


4 Simple Ways To Make 2015 Your Healthiest Year Ever!

1. Take the 10,000 Step Challenge.

Many of us start the New Year with grandiose goals of joining a gym or taking up a Zumba class.   1,070 more words

Analytics, the Measurement of Everything

Prior to my introductions to analytics I use to hear the phrase “Google analytics” tossed around so much that I thought Google was the only business that could generate analytics. 264 more words

Ever heard of Fitbit?

Well, I hadn’t.

I have never in my life thought about getting a pedometer. Because, you see, I’ve got a track record. My Fitness Pal was a short lived relationship (I got bored). 331 more words