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Digital Cowboy Part 1(TRUE STORY BRO): My adventures in Parental Tech literacy outreach and How pedophiles are accessing your children's Google plus accounts

It’s definitely a different frontier than the one I grew up with, Being a child if the digital age is much more dangerous than it used to be. 522 more words

Mouthy Bitch

can't remember the first time my father molested me/can't forget the last

I cannot remember the first time my father molested me, just as I cannot forget the last.

I remember two “last times,” actually, unless they are… 306 more words

Child Sexual Abuse


Corey Feldman explains that Pedophilia is Hollywood’s greatest problem. Hollywood and the Entertainment Industry in general feed on the sexualization of CHILDREN. You can see evidence of this EVERYWHERE. 37 more words

memphis, part 4 of 4

Next stop, the duplex on the corner, about a mile & a half from Graceland, empty lot filled with dandelions across the street, blacktopped street in front. 1,326 more words

Child Sexual Abuse

memphis, part 3

Two bites of a Little Pig Barbecue sandwich would come to seem a nice dinner compared to the occasional none at all we’d experience over the next 18 months or our father’s picking dandelion greens from the field across the street, stirring them into a pot of Van Kamp Pork & Beans ’til the mixture heated through, and not only calling… 860 more words

Child Sexual Abuse

memphis, part 2

We arrive at the motel.  Our father rents a room.

Once in the motel room our father walks around our quarters for the evening chitchatting and laughing with my brother Pete.  865 more words

Child Sexual Abuse