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Oregon Sex Offenders

Twice-convicted child molester Daniel Zetterholm registered in San Diego, then hopped a bus and turned up in Portland with 4,500 images of child pornography and a guide for sex offenders on how to avoid detection.Predator Jeffrey Cutlip left Oregon three times — once for three years — with police none the wiser. 82 more words

Being Authentic?

What They Really Mean:

A google search for articles about mental health and authenticity turns up the following (among others):

Attraction To Children

I was sexually abused

I was sexually abused starting when I was 11, and I am full of rage now about it as an adult. This is my blog to let off steam. 988 more words

Attraction To Children

This Liminal Life: First Podcast


This is the first episode of a podcast that Rebekah and I have been discussing for quite a while.  We talk about how we met, what we hope to accomplish with this podcast, and what to do about pedophiles in the church. 27 more words



Oh dear.

Oh deary, deary me!

Now there is yet another name in the list that goes about the Internet as someone extraordinarily famous being involved in the paedophile ring! 458 more words

Pedophile Trap

Yeah I’m a dick, but not as bad as some creepy fucks out there!

So as procrastination from study and after seeing a comment of someone who did the same (and got a disconnect), I decided to do a 2 minute catfish stint on Omegle. 172 more words


An Australian adoption story

And yet many think they should be allowed to adopt…