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Good Cop/Bad Cop (Conspiracy Theory & Conspiracy Fact, Part 2 of 3)

The main obstacle to uncovering true coherence is the imposition of false coherence. Most conspiracy theories fall into this trap, by trying to paint a picture before all the facts are in and betraying the researcher’s own bias. 2,159 more words

Michael Jackson

Sometimes it’s hard
to remember

this multiplatinum
billionaire genius

with all his

Oprah visits
and tabloid covers

was just a
child molester.

© William Banks and “Babylon Dogs” 2014. 74 more words

Islam justifies Pedophilia, leading to child brides, and deaths of little girls

Thanks to the teachings of Islam and Muhammad’s ways of life many girls around the world are married off as young as 6 years old to men who are in the 30s and 40s. 329 more words


Hollywood Pedofilia Star Corey Feldman Stand by Me

ESPAÑOL: Corey Feldman, actor conocido más por su actuación en la película Stand by Me, denuncia pedofilia en Hollywood. Lo felicito por exponer esta enferma perversión, pero no dá nombres por miedo. 125 more words

Freedom From Religion: Child Abuse

Taking the Catholic Church to task, Noel McGivern, in the sixth chapter of his book, Freedom From Religion, addresses the grotesque abuses children have suffered at the hands of its clergymen. 603 more words