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Violence against the most innocent of humans

There are few things as perverted and vile as pedophilia. Although I have been an atheist all my life, it was only after I learned of the increasing number of cases of pedophilia among clergy that I openly began advising people against giving money to the Church. 759 more words


The Forgotten Face of Evil: Gary Glitter, The Stadium Icon

The feeling of watching a live game in a stadium is unlike any other feeling, the screaming fans, the cold beer, and of course, that good ol’ fashion stadium music. 434 more words


Reflections on Lolita

Confession: I read Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita for class.

Yes, I had read the more (in)famous segments of it before, even looked at the Sparknotes and read the transcripts of hearings about why it was banned, but I had never formally sat down, read and analyzed Nabokov’s notorious masterwork. 851 more words


Kids Nudity

In this day and age when we are so aware of pedophiles, peeping tom’s and child pornography, I often find myself wondering what is appropriate in terms of dressing and undressing kids in public. 380 more words

10-year-old "Sweetie" catches 1,000 child sex predators - here's how.

I won’t write about how technology is amazing, because it’s common knowledge that it already is. I’m really just bookmarking this video, but here’s the tube review. 106 more words

YouTube Surfing

Secret of “gay rights” Movement: Pedophilia

Yearly, the gays of “civilized” countries manifest in the centre of great occidental cities to celebrate their sad victories: the forward of Sodome and Gomorah in the heart of a society that could recognize or define itself as Christian. 374 more words

Homosexuality And Pedophilia