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Lolita: The Confessions of a White Widowed Male by Vladimir Nabokov

The unconventional and disturbing confession of Humbert is totally different from all the stories we have today or to all the stories that I have read so far. 1,188 more words

Book Review

Confusing, conflating, ...

I have introduced the term “conflate” to my family recently with my understanding that it means combining two separate ideas and mistaking the result with one of the originals (perhaps both).   580 more words


"Universally Reviled" Minor Attraction on This American Life

On a recent This American Life episode “Tarred & Feathered” (the segment starts at about 28:00), reporter Luke Malone speaks to a group of people deemed by Ira Glass as “universally reviled” – that group, of course, is pedophiles. 558 more words


Mysterious Skin



Gregg Araki’s Mysterious Skin is a searing and inventive exploration of the way the mind reacts to trauma, especially in terms of formative childhood experiences, and follows two teenagers as they deal with the memories of being molested as kids, eventually meeting to confront their pasts together. 187 more words


Jimmy Savile and the founding of the Order of Nine Angles

One of the reasons why the Order of Nine Angles came to our attention was their links to a British celebrity known in the media as Jimmy Savile, one of the most prolific pedophiles in British history. 355 more words

David Myatt

The Politics of All

A friend posted an article online this afternoon, which described the “evolution” of President Obama’s stand on same-sex marriage (Jo Becker, New York Times, 2014). 525 more words

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