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The Error of the 'Evolution of Morality'

Recently, with the development of modern atheism, there has arisen the view that morality, rather than being deontological or derived from divine command, is rather a product of the evolution of human beings, alongside biological evolution (which I, as a Christian, adhere to). 810 more words


Define Your Terms, Dr. Dawkins: A Rational Response

The other day, Richard Dawkins decided to illustrate syllogisms for his Twitter followers.  Fine, good; more people should understand logic and how to use it. 703 more words

WND Rejoices that "Famous Atheist" Richard Dawkins Says Something Stupid Because No Christian Ever Has Said Something Stupid

This is going to be a very short post on a very current event. FYI, I’m very busy for the next two weeks, so it’s unlikely there’ll be many updates here unless I do it while I’m on a plane. 197 more words


Dawkins, Date Rape, and Deviance

Yeah, I had to stretch the title a bit. Sue me, I like alliteration.

Dawkins has been receiving a lot of grief the past few days over his tweeting of a logical  372 more words


Richard Dawkins opens mouth, inserts foot, mumbles something about "mild pedophilia" again

Apparently Richard Dawkins was worried that people might have forgotten what an asshat he is. So, helpful fellow that he is, he decided to give us all a demonstration of why he’s one of the atheist movement’s biggest liabilities, a “humanist” who has trouble remembering to act human. 718 more words

Playing The Victim


Brian Pead  was arrested unlawfully on dubious charges on 15 May 2014 and has been moved to six prisons since. Known as ‘ghosting’, this is a despicable part of the fabric of the penal system for as long as prison watchers can remember. 293 more words