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Day 83: Angelo Cariati, Instructional Coach (Pell District School Board)

What did I learn today?

Hello! My name is Angelo and I’m an Instructional Coach. If I may borrow from my own Twitter bio, I love cats, cars, travel, TV, technology, film and learning. 335 more words

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Day 77-78, #Peel21st188 Blog Project (The WWW)

Happy 2015!  We hope that your New Year has launched off to a great start and that you are feeling well rested and ready to take on the second part of our school year. 236 more words

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Day 70: Carla Pereira, Communicator (Peel District School Board - CBO)

About me

I’m Carla Pereira, the Peel District School Board’s acting manager of communications. Besides being a proud @Peelschools communicator, I’m also a pop culture loving mom. 441 more words

#peel21st184 (Sept 2014 - June 2015)

Day 69: Nilmini Ratwatte, Teacher (Sir William Gage Middle School)

Dear Colleagues,

Hi, my name is Nilmini and I am currently taking on middle school by storm, and loving being a Grade Six teacher at… 500 more words

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Day 68: Sandra Hyde, Instructional Coach (NFO - Courtin)

What did I learn today?

Today, as with most days, I’ve consolidated my belief that collaboration is the key to teaching and learning. I’m fortunate that I work in five fabulous schools this year. 232 more words

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Day 67: Nita Shori, Grade 4/5 (Corliss Public School)

What I learned today

With our voices, we fly and open our minds:

This is what I learned today.

Eagerness to know, opportunity to probe, 118 more words

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Day 65: #Peel21st188 Blog Project (The WWW)

With a quiet day on the blog, why not promote further collaboration, sharing and inspiration.  On Monday, Scott our Associate Director of Instructional Support Services put out an email to board employees inviting them to share how technology is being used in the classroom to demonstrate 21st Century Teaching and Learning. 245 more words

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