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Peer Summarizing in PE

This chapter, like much of this course, does not easily translate to a PE setting, so when asked about my summarizing and note taking and how or if I teach these tactics with my students, my answer would be “maybe?” 323 more words


If you're just joining us...

Posted by: Jon Hurford, Senior Advisor, Learning and Teaching, College of Design and Social Context, RMIT University.

Joining anything halfway through can be an unsettling experience. 629 more words


Do we need a single textbook?

Giving one author or publisher of books authority over knowledge dissemination for an entire generation does sound dangerous when you put it like that. But this is exactly what designated textbooks do, especially when organised by a national authority. 599 more words


The Power of the Peer

This line jumped out at me from a lecture last night from @susancoote regarding exercise interventions in MS. She was referring to the effectiveness of group exercise for people with MS, and some of that relates to the support of peers. 580 more words