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This is your Brain. This is your Brain on Drugs

Drugs are bad for the brain. That is (excuse the horrible pun) a no-brainer, but while scientists have seen the after effect drugs have on the brain, we have never seen how they affect the blood flow to the brain. 841 more words


The Things Living on your Toothbrush...

Did you remember to brush? I hope you did, but you may be throwing away your toothbrush soon. Get ready for your daily amount of gross, because have I got a scientific discovery that will make you rethink your dental hygiene. 458 more words


The Learning Brain Unravelled

As an engineer you would think math would come easy to me, it didn’t. Funny thing though, science in general and biology in particular came very easy to me. 985 more words


The Holographic Universe [we might Live in!]

Are you feeling a little… flat? Well that might be because you are only in 2 dimensions. I know what you’re thinking, insane! Well first check the name of the business and second, check out the science. 907 more words


Concussion Trends 2010-2012; TCB Original Research

The National Football League is nine days away from the kickoff of its regular season.  If social media, fantasy sports, and hype are any indication 2014 is set up to one of the most watched seasons in history.   2,051 more words

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Sleep & Learning

“Encoding Difficulty Promotes Postlearning Changes in Sleep Spindle Activity during Napping”

First of all, let’s define sleep spindle. With a quick google search, we find that a sleep spindle is “a burst of oscillatory brain activity visible on an EEG that occurs during stage 2 sleep. 411 more words

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An end to Finger Pricking for Diabetics

About 10% of the US is diabetic, that doesn’t sound like a lot until you realize how many people there are in the US (roughly 311 million and counting). 1,024 more words