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A Zombie I must be

I lost my sleep last night

five people came in by surprise 

thought they would stay only for a while

but they slept ’til the sun shines  61 more words


Teens and Friendship

There are some unusual passages in the Bible.  For instance, in our chapter today Saul and his men try to capture David but when they get near the spot where David is, a spirit comes on them and they start prophesying; even Saul was caught up in a babbling trance.  537 more words


Hiding In Plain Sight: What Airbnb Doesn’t Want You To Know About Their New Lobbyists

A few hundred people sat in the summer heat in Central Park last night, waiting for tickets for the Public’s opening night of their production of “King Lear,” when they were approached by a young woman with a clipboard. 1,638 more words

Who Influences Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers remain an incredibly powerful segment of consumers. This group is in a period of transition and the disruptions they are facing means that what they spend their money on and the sources that influence them are likely to see great change. 236 more words


The Steady Maturation of My Talent In Writing

This semester in composition class has really improved my writing habits, in a number of ways. From being more active in me revisions, to fine tuning the kind of vocabulary that I use in more professional works, I feel that I have grown, in several areas, as a writer. 751 more words

Co-Dependency and Paranoia

I am constantly in shambles feeling worried about what is going to happen in every second of my life. I wig out over the possibilities of infidelity with no concrete proof, and I shuffle around feeling rejected when my husband goes out with his friends for three hours. 348 more words


They've Always Known

They all knew
Engulfed by their silence
As gossip wheeled on
Inside the folds of their thoughts

All that I’ve done
Sprawls out in open display… 66 more words