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I just had a fruitful conversation with my nephew that might help you either to exploit your potential. This guy is very smart, ambitious, caring, enterprising, etc. 737 more words


"...a weighty price to pay for academic recognition."

“We have seen countless examples of universities, colleges, and seminaries chartered with a strong commitment to orthodox Christianity, only to erode first into liberalism and ultimately to secularism. 110 more words

Quoted People

how embarrassing

Jan asked to skype and while I’d love to, I can’t seem to send out a response. I keep my skype profile invisible so if she does call despite my lack of response, I won’t know other than the notification afterwards. 573 more words

Back to School

Necessary accommodations for keeping on track at school include many things. Of primary importance are teachers who know you are smart, and paying attention, even when autism moves make it seem like you aren’t. 159 more words

Reflections on Recovery: Alternatives Conference (SAMHSA) (English & Spanish)

Reflections on Recovery and the Alternatives Conference from an ATCC Peer Rep

Link: click here

Reflections by Cynthia Castaneda, Peer Representative of WTCSCD and Aliviane Recovery Coach at the Peers 4 Recovery Program.   31 more words

Helping autistic children ease into school schedules

KIMT News 3 – It’s back to school for many families in our area and it can be both an exciting and stressful time. However, there’s an added challenge for those parents with autistic children. 283 more words


Perfect Attendance Again

Monica has been at her new job for over 6 months now and loves it every day. In July, she was recognized for perfect attendance again! 432 more words

Down Syndrome