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Tales of Mom 10

In Search of Terry

Peg, Terry’s sister, is younger than Nellie. But she is mature. She’s been married twice. The first marriage lasts all of two weeks until she deserts him after finding out he wants to keep her barefoot and pregnant. 2,105 more words



Yesterday was my Mum’s birthday, she would have been 91.  The photograph was taken on the promenade at Bournemouth; the year is 1929.  She is sharing a deckchair with her Dad, Fred.   103 more words


PD in Patients with Gastrostomy Tubes (& vice versa): Challenging but Doable

Literature on the feasibility of gastrostomy tubes in peritoneal dialysis (PD) patients is still sparse. Paudel and Fan’s recent article in AJKD should give nephrologists some confidence when dealing with this situation. 411 more words


5 Utility Stocks That May Win From the New EPA Carbon Ruling

Recent rulings on plant emissions of carbon dioxide by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are proving to be a lot more stringent than originally thought. Worse for consumers is that if current estimates are correct, these changes will prove to be a lot more costly in the future. 620 more words


The 100 Word Novel - Forty-Seven: As Peg Lay Dying

Peg held onto her stomach. Blood seeped through her fingers. Kat was hovering her hands over Peg’s stomach, unsure what to touch or where to put pressure. 187 more words

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