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They were "Gun Crazy" all around the world...

Foreign film posters for 1950′s incredible film noir cult-fave Gun Crazy, also called Deadly Is The Female, and it would seem (based on my own bad foreign language translating skills) that feign markets had a couple twists on the title of their own.

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The Ultimate Femme Fatale: Deadly Is The Female (Gun Crazy - 1950)

That incredible film noir cult-fave Gun Crazy (1950) is sometimes listed as a 1949 film (though I’m pretty sure it’s a 1950 release) and is also often listed as… 64 more words

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Gun Crazy (2nd of 2 posts)

Continued from the preceding post…

There’s simply no better femme fatale in film noir than Irish actress Peggy Cummins’ ‘Laurie Starr’, a carnival side show sharpshooter who falls hard for John Dall’s ‘Bart Tare’, a fellow gun lover. 226 more words

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Gun Crazy (1st of 2 posts)

There’s nothing much a mere fan (not a Noir scholar, critic or film studies major) can add to what’s been said, and by much smarter folks than I, about Joseph H. 239 more words

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Pulp Corner: Night Of The Demon

Since we are in the midst of the Halloween season I figured I’d take a look at a more horror themed movie in today’s Pulp Corner. 743 more words


Rex rears his ugly head again

The not-really-so-ugly Rex Harrison with the dashed lovely Peggy Cummins in ESCAPE. A few quotes/paraphrases from my telephonic chat with P.C. can be read in this week’s edition of… 29 more words


Tourneur Classic Movies

Two Jacques Tourneur movies came out in 1957, both superb, which is remarkable because he’d had quite an up-and-down career, mostly.

NIGHTFALL, from a David Goodis novel, has some classic noir illogicality, adding to its waking nightmare feel. 423 more words