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Mad Men: 7x02 - A Day's Work

Yes! This is what I love about Mad Men. The show where the best scenes are almost always simply 2 people having a conversation. The show where a secretary changing offices can be a moment of genuine excitement and a radical narrative leap. 999 more words

Mad Men

Mad Men: Still TV's Gold Standard

Mad Men returned to our screens last week for its final series, and after only two episodes it’s clear that it has lost none of its lustre. 805 more words


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The following blog post assumes some knowledge of the key characters of Mad Men, I would post some link to a wiki that can summarise each character but I’d suggest you watch the show, it’s great! 491 more words


New 'Mad Men' Season Gets Off to an Angsty Start

Wahoo, the swingin’ ’60s! A time when hemlines were high, inhibitions were low, the acid was flowing and the fun never stopped.

Except on Mad Men… 2,439 more words

Mad Men - Fly Me to the Moon (complete & unabridged)

Mad Men: Fly Me To The Moon

Act 1

It’s a normal Thursday morning at the advertising firm of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. The morning meeting is underway, and Don Draper handsomely addresses his creative team while his partners watch his usual display of machismo and handsomeness. 7,852 more words

Fan Fiction

Die Ära Mad Men - Rückblicke und Ausblicke

What are the events in life? It’s like you see a door. The first time you come to it you say ‘Oh, what’s on the other side of the door?’ Then you open a few doors, then you say ‘I think I want to go over that bridge this time, I’m tired of doors.’ Finally, you go through one of these things and you come out the other side and you realize that’s all there are.

1,041 more words
Bitte Nur Auf Deutsch.

Q-boy Short # 17 “I”ll Get That Son Of A &*@#%”/ The History Of Q-boy Part 15 (Censored)

Q-boy Short # 17 “I”ll Get That Son Of A &*@#%”/ The History Of Q-boy Part 15 (Censored)

So we now have a good picture of Q-boy’s supporting cast.  83 more words