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“The first thing we must note about the atonement, Finney says, is that Christ could not have died for anyone else’s sins than his own. His obedience to the law and his perfect righteousness were sufficient to save him, but could not legally be accepted on behalf of others.

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Justification and Morality

In the fifth century, a controversy arose between two respected Christian leaders. One was Augustine from Africa and the other, Pelagius from Britain. “During his years at Rome Pelagius had been disturbed by the easygoing moral tone of affluent Roman society which sat lightly to the precepts and counsel of the gospel. 815 more words


Transhumanism, Steve Fuller and Veronika Lipinska

Author Information: Steve Fuller, University of Warwick, S.W.Fuller@warwick.ac.uk and Veronika Lipinska, Lund University, veronika.lipinska@googlemail.com

Fuller, Steve and Veronika Lipinska. “Transhumanism.” Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective… 2,262 more words

Steve Fuller

Providence and Predestination 2: Predestination

Yesterday I blogged about providence, highlighting the difference between this teaching and that of predestination, providence being the notion that God is in control of all of human history to work his own ends. 1,494 more words

Classic Christianity

Common sense...otherwise known as Pelagianism

That the two are essentially one and the same, with respect to the existence of free will at least, is obvious, and testified to even by Calvinists. 244 more words

Common Sense

David and Goliath Part 3 - 1 Samuel 17:31-39

Whose Armour are You Wearing?

Where David distinguishes between God’s Gospel and Mans!
Text: 1 Samuel 17:31-39. John 20:24-29

In this passage we see two versions of the gospel, David’s version and Saul’s version. 968 more words

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