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”Pelé has no fucking awareness of what’s going on in this country” #brasil #racism

In June 2013, the infamously apolitical Pelé called on Brazilians to “forget” the anti-Cup protests occurring at that time and to support the national soccer team.

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DIY: sais de banho!

Depois de um dia cansativo, o que mais queremos é um banho. Amo ficar na água, por mim demorava 1 hora no banho, mas não podemos desperdiçar. 229 more words


A ordem correta dos seus cuidados com a pele!

Todo mundo sabe que devemos cuidar da nossa pele. Sabemos disso, mas realmente cuidamos? A idade vai chegando e é beeeem melhor prevenir do que remediar. 719 more words


Futebol Posters

A series of fantastic football posters courtesy of this website and artist Paulo Junger. Unfortunately there have been no new posters for quite some time which is a pity because these are great. 9 more words


The Source to Pahoa

A lava tube skylight at the base of Pu’u O’o thats feeding the flow to Pahoa. The mana I feel in this image is unbelievable. I am very sensitive to our culture and also to those in harms way. 10 more words

Volcano in Slow Motion - a poem by Kate Rauner

Evacuate! Emergency!
But there’s no rush for those who flee
This lava flowing to the sea
Since nineteen hundred eighty three,
Its edge is marked by burning trees. 62 more words


Hawaii: When the Lava Flows

Being from Hawaii, I don’t worry much about natural disasters. Whether it be earthquakes, tsunamis, lava flows or the every few decades hurricane. Lately, it seems every time I call my brother or cousin who live on the Big Island (Hawaii), it’s to ask them about a natural disaster. 126 more words