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San Fran's Favorite Moonbat: We Should Treat Illegal Alien Children Like 'Baby Jesus'

The same woman who fervently supports late-term abortion

Let’s just let Pelosi speak for herself, here. This is also the same woman who claims to be a devout Catholic. 17 more words


Certified Loonies

You may have heard that dumb ass cow, Pelosi, mention that all these migrants will improve employment and raise wages here in the United States. 56 more words


Sheltering the chrysalis

Sheltering the chrysaIis

I looked up the word idiot in a children’s illustrated dictionary and a picture of Harry Reid appeared.

If there was any greater Poster Child to evidence the utter and complete disdain the Democrat Party holds for the American citizen in general it must be the fact Harry Reid is a party leader. 708 more words

Hey! No One is Driving the Bus!

This morning, my thoughts turned to the leadership team in place here in the United States of America. We pride ourselves on this unique form of government we have had for over two-hundred years. 716 more words


Town Settles Tax Dispute With Sarah’s Trace Homeowners For $70,000

50 Sarah’s Trace. Credit: New England Revaluation

The Town Council voted Monday night to approve a settlement with three property owners on Sarah’s Trace that reduces their property tax bills by 50 percent over four years (2013-16). 368 more words

East Greenwich

Megyn Kelly Calls Nancy Pelosi on her Hobby-Lobby Sexist Rant

In typical Progressive fashion, the Left has attacked the Supreme Court’s justices personally and with false facts for a decision the Left disagrees with.  In the “Hobby Lobby” decision, the Court found that small, privately-owned companies whose owners have strong religious beliefs otherwise cannot be forced to pay for 4 out of 20 birth-control methods required under Obamacare.   189 more words

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