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Pap Smears Considered 'Animal Cruelty'

Yet women are expected to tolerate the same exam.  Women are expected to lay down and take it, often without being told anything about the exam’s purpose or the potential for harm. 308 more words

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The Debt Whore

I had my first pelvic exam at MEPS (Military Entrance Processing). I was applying to the US Navy so I could get them to pay for med school. 414 more words

The Levy Case: Do Women Need to Take a Security Guard to the Gynocologist?

The $190 million settlement between more than 8,000 female patients and Johns Hopkins Hospital was finalized Sept. 19th, but the cash settlement will do nothing to restore the loss of trust experienced by some women. 894 more words

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New App for Birth Control Pills: No Humiliating Exams

Planned Parenthood is working on a new app that will enable women to purchase birth control prescriptions without needing to visit a doctor.  The app will enable women to converse online with a nurse practitioner and obtain mail-order birth control pills.  386 more words

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Women Offered Bribes to Have Pap Tests: Guest Post

This is a guest post written by Diane, a valued contributor to this blog:

I have this health plan. My doctor was very nice when I told her that I did not want a Pap or pelvic exam, and she hasn’t hassled me about it. 898 more words

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Sex Question: I'm a Virgin, What Should I Expect for a Pelvic Exam?

Dear Dr. Kate,

I’m a virgin, and I’ve never been to the gynecologist. I’m not ashamed of my virginity but I am worried that the doctor won’t be able to perform the pelvic exam. 252 more words

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