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Pelvic fin

a hallmark extension
that stretched evolutionary time
up, up, up – away


Tiktaalik roseae

The pelvic fins are a pair of fins located on the bottom of fishes. 273 more words

Phish Doc

Osteopathic treatment for pregnancy

Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the announcement of their second pregnancy. What an exciting time for the Royal family! Are you expecting just like the Duchess of Cambridge Kate? 69 more words


Save vs. Pelvic Sorcery

(Because … well, it kind of justifies itself…)

Sorcerous Origin: Pelvic

Your innate magic comes from the motion of the ocean and the swaying of your hips, the forceful thrust, and the slow roll – in short, pelvic sorcery. 248 more words