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Becoming Robert Pimm: a strange sensation

I wrote last month that I was planning to change my pen-name to Robert Pimm.

Today, 17 October, I have taken a further step towards that goal.   277 more words


What's in a name?

I need a pen name. I had always thought I would come up a pen name, but then I found I happen to share a name with someone else and they’ve already been published under said name. 184 more words


My Other Name: Sakura Reyna (私のペンネーム:サクラレイナ)

I’ve also published fiction under the pen name Sakura Reyna for the past 10 years at FictionPress.com. This was before I discovered the wonderful world of self-publishing. 108 more words


As Real as it Gets

I spent my summer writing.  (Big surprise!)  I was writing a novel that I had every intention of publishing under a pseudonym.  It was different from what I had written before.  263 more words

Writing Life

Writing with a Pen Name: Part 1 (Why Use a Pseudonym?)

Maxie Steer is my pseudonym (gasp! NO WAY! Say it ain’t so!).

I’ll give you a moment.

Now that you’ve recovered from my truth, hear me out. 669 more words

Blog Post

Pen Names and Publicity Stunts

I watched something unfold on Facebook last week that makes me want to address a few things with my reader base, and hopefully some fellow authors/writers to gauge their opinion, and to see if I’m out of line in my way of thinking. 776 more words


Becoming Robert Pimm

Assiduous readers will have noticed that I have changed the name of this blog.  This is because I want further to separate out my professional existence as HM Consul General in Istanbul from my part-time existence as a writer of fiction. 163 more words