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A Nom de Plume - Part I

I feel the need to be honest about this – “Ash” is not my real name. Of course, you may have already figured that out, ’cause you’re one of the clever ones, aren’t you…? 427 more words

What's in a name

Peatmore Press has just released a second ebook short story collection as a follow up to Crime and Passion. C&P brought together two writing styles, one dark and one light that also manifested itself in the first two Peatmore novels, Cogrill’s Mill and Victim of Compromise, and because of this two different pen names were used. 119 more words


Hello, My Name Is...

Regina Cole

Well, sometimes it is. And sometimes it’s Gina Lamm. And it was Gina Mosley. And it’s always been GinaCole.

I find it interesting when people tell me the stories behind their names. 544 more words

Regina Cole

Pen names - Do you need one?

By FebruaryFalls on August 11th 2014

I feel its a personal decision. You may consider getting a pen name for professional and personal reasons i.e. if your a lawyer or teacher, because people often sue, and this includes friends and family. 118 more words

Whats in a name?

Driving through the town where I have lived for almost 40 years last week, I took a short cut through a new neighbor and there it was–a street named Haymaker Lane.  618 more words

Writing Under a Pseudonym

Pseudonym, pen name, nom de plume, literary double—whatever you you call it, there are many reasons for using an alternate name when you publish your writing. 782 more words


On Why I Decided to Use a Pen Name and Then Not to Use a Pen Name

When I first started writing Better Luck Tomorrow it was one of several projects I had on the go. To be honest it was, at that point, a side project. 412 more words