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The Dreaded Blank Page ...

Hello Friends, Readers, and New Visitors,

Once again I face the blank page. One book is out on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, the second is about to go to artwork, the third is in to my editor for its first edit, and I’m faced with the dreaded blank page again. 506 more words

An Authors Thoughts

Out Of Place Quizz

Out of Place
In each of these sets there is one person, place or thing that does not belong with the other three.

1. Jacob… 114 more words


Elijah Or Elisha?

This can either be done orally or put the quiz on paper and pass it out to your group. Read the incident and have the student tell whether it involves Elijah or Elisha. 126 more words


Multiple Choice Set 3

1. Which of the following books did Paul write?

A) Jude
B) Titus
C) 1 Peter
D) Acts

2. On which day of the creation week did God create man? 237 more words


Multiple Choice Set 2

1. Who kept some of the spoils after the battle of Jericho?

A) Achan Josh. 7:1
B) Abel
C) Abijah
D) Absalom

2. How many times was Peter told to forgive his brother? 233 more words


Proper Order

Here is a little “filler” exercise if you have a few minutes at the end of your regular lesson. See if your class can list the names and/or the major events in chronological order found in the book of Genesis.


Paper & Pen

I read a couple books recently that I consider “must-read” books.

They’re page turners but don’t be fooled. Each page is a well-spring

of insight. The author is  231 more words

Ray Wyatt