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TV in the Internet age

Three years ago, my TV broke down and I decided not to replace it, depending only on a computer to watch what I wanted, whenever I wanted. 350 more words


Marmot Gypsies and Vagabond Mountaineers.

I just returned from my trip, an adventure of mountaineering on the High Sierra route. Needless to say there were new places that blew my mind. 159 more words

Pen and ink 5.0

This is ish meant to be Keira knightly although it doesn’t massively resemble her haha

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My Banner, My Pen

“the movement, still radical and revolutionary though, is cultural, inspired by every kind of revolution that had happened or might have happened – feeding off the ink spilled by the generations preceding us – adopting every language it could understand – occupying street corners and sidewalks – marching into bars and coffee shops – ranting and lurking and drinking and exploding on paper and screaming out loud poetry and music and paint and whatever media we could do – we found ourselves, in the present, staring at our reflection in the mirror desperately trying to understand who we are, seeking salvation or self-fulfillment or call it whatever – we find ourselves reconsidering our identity and our relationship with our culture, our country, and ourselves in the first place…”

- Mohamad J Hodeib (Walad)


Spider Warnings

Very little moves me anymore except coincidence. You see, I don’t believe in coincidence, so when it happens, I take note.

I wander along this tiny little planet and ask God, how is it we all fit? 463 more words

Flash Fiction


My masochist
Eyes studying
The pics of you
Your old girl
Your new girl
Not girls like me
They’ve had high tea
On another Sea… 90 more words