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A Haiku

Pencil fades too fast

soft strokes made in an old book

I miss your sweet hand 


Let's Go on a Bicycle Ride

I’ve been trying to widen my horizons when it comes to art so I been sketching/drawing different things.

I decided I wanted to draw a bike after listening to Queen. 11 more words



Words dance gracefully upon a page
expressing emotions both dark and light
like releasing a bird from a cage
and sending it off into the night. 122 more words

Another attempt at a sketch

First drawing I properly attempted, never considered it before but the pencils were half price


Day 29 of #DrawingAugust

Lately, the animal realm is pretty busy with sending me messages.
So for today, another cutesy power animal drawing for #DrawingAugust:

And this is how it came about: 99 more words