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Jordana Easyliner Retractable Pencil for Eyes Sea Green (6-pack)

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Produc features :

Retractable-no sharpening required
Silky smooth soft glide formula; Doesn’t tug delicate eye area… 15 more words

Grab Bag 7-28-14

I made a great discovery for this weeks Grab Bag. Lately, I’ve been trying to figure out which sandpaper grit I like best and what I’d like to  124 more words

Grab Bag

The Evolution of an Illustration

I thought you all would find it interesting to see how the illustrations for Cheeper are coming along. I am currently spending the most time on finishing the illustrations, as well as some more in-depth final editing of the story. 431 more words


Two Antithetical World Views..

Basically what this sketch is is the ways people today view humanity in contrast to what the bible says. Today man is seen as just another part of the natural world, he has no more significance than a fish or tree, because in today’s thought we and the fish and the tree all share the same atoms and protons and electrons. 123 more words


Sketchbook Confessions

Some how I came to regard keeping a sketchbook as a luxury, something for my spare time (which to be fair is in short supply). 208 more words