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Duodecahedron (Not Safe For Work)

A duodecahedron is a twelve-faceted figure, each facet of which is a pentagon. It is one of five volumes possible in our Universe that has sides made up of the same “regular polygon” (sides of equal length and interior angles all equal). 426 more words


I recently saw a photo of a fashion show. I really like this dress. If I find the time I’ll color it green like the original


Pilots Cross - session 2

The important bit for me here is to adopt an attitude of worship.

Yes – worship … this drawing is based upon my belief that the Father of Jesus Christ… 219 more words


Some quick ones, pencil

Just a few older ones I had lying around on my computer… these were really quickly sketched, not more than a minute or two each (I was just feeling playful and bored and wanted to draw something quickly)…