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Draw: Whatever you like --> Winter Soldier

Sebastian Stan as one of the coolest super villains I’ve seen! The Winter Soldier ^-^

My art work

Hey sorry for not being here regularly. :(


Hey, I cant say its totally mine its just a replica of something I saw the other day.

Fragment no.4

You were destined to write

About us, them, and the world.

But while their names were written with ink and metal,

Mine was written with lead and wood. 14 more words


"We're all mad here."

Since my goddaughter’s name is Alice, I thought she should have her own Cheshire cat this Easter.

And here it is. Thanks, Juan.

This was made with watercolor & pencil.


Q is for... QUICK


Grab a pencil,
no time to sharpen.
Find paper.
That homemade note pad will do.
You got 30 seconds,
minute tops.
Draw something, 47 more words


Going for the sparkly.

So I decided to go for more sparkly eyes this time.

Thanks for the help, Debby.

(Still training my eyelashes)

This was made with watercolor & pencil.