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The Noble Lion - Pencil Sketch

Lions used to have a much wider range than they do today, extending into Asia and Europe. Now endangered, they remain one of the planet’s most beautiful big cats.


Pen vs. Pencil

Which do you prefer—pen or pencil?

Personally, I prefer pens. I like the sight of the ink—the boldness and fluidness of it, especially of uni-ball pens! 736 more words


Art Corner: Drawing Sheet #1 (also a throwback thursday)

Recently, I have decided to start making a skill for myself in visual art. All of my life I have pursued the art of wordcraft and now that I want to start writing children’s books, I want to learn how to do my own illustrations(amongst other things such as paintings). 171 more words


An Umbrella Story

These are preliminary sketches for a picture book that’s still in need of a publisher… Before you read on, do you like the picture with umbrella baskets or the one without? 375 more words


3D Graphics

This post will show how to build 3D graphics. Graphics3D is used for this purpose. This function takes a list of graphic primitives as argument and generates a 3D image as output. 192 more words


Secret Jesus

A page form my art journal: Today when I was in the car I saw a guy in the hairdressers getting his extremely long hair cut


Painting Fox

Finally getting time to work on some more illustration based work compared to my fine art course work that I’ve been busy working on recently. 14 more words