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The voice

So, the voice was gone for a week, and then it came back. It sounded different; it’s still following the set rhythm, but it felt and sounded different. 108 more words

How to balance your chakras using a pendulum!

Gotta love energy healing!!

If you don’t have a pendulum, you can use anything that is suspended by a string or chain. For example, you can use a necklace chain with a pendant or you can use a ring and a piece of string. 187 more words


Monday and the un-sorrow

Depression is cruel.  Even those who suffer from it are taken by surprise but its insidious ways to chuck us into disrepair.  So it it more difficult for those we love and love us who don’t understand our confusion and therefore help us.   144 more words

Things That I Do!

Pendulum, 2014

Pendulum, 2014. Black Ink on Paper, 297 mm x 420 mm


Celtic Knot Claddagh Perfume Vial - Poison Jar - Urn Pendulum Pendant w/ 18" Necklace - Sterling Silver

This small cone-shaped box pendant is decorated with celtic knotwork and a crowned heart, a popular symbol from the claddagh. The lid opens to reveal a secret compartment about 1/2″ deep and 7/16″ wide. 30 more words

Communicating via pendulum

Since I can’t hear Loki any more, which  I did 2 years ago, I decided to try to communicate with Him via my pendulum. For some reason I haven’t considered using my pendulum until quite recently. 408 more words