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I’ve had questions to several questions I’ve had on my mine for some time now. Well, using divination, I finally asked these questions, by pendulum, after changing my altar into Winter Solstice/Yule. 141 more words


Building a wall has always been a very visible sign of taking the “wulf” cries seriously. Today, a wall will hardly stop any nation from invading another, if that should be the fear, but still walls are being built. 126 more words


Welcome to the World Pendulum blog!

Six sells! I want to sell you this blog with my sixt posting. My sixt sense tells me that it is right, that is is good. 257 more words


Incredulity doesn’t kill curiosity; it encourages it. Though distrustful of logical chains of ideas, I loved the polyphony of ideas. As long as you don’t believe in them, the collision of two ideas — both false — can create a pleasing interval, a kind of diabolus in musica.

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Victoria: Results And Pendulum From State Election

WITH RESULTS NOW AVAILABLE in the 88 Lower house electorates from the state election held in Victoria a fortnight ago, an updated election pendulum is available — with the inferences and conclusions that will form the “sifting of the probabilities” for the next four years now able to be drawn. 590 more words