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Everyone is dropping like mince pies at the moment. All I can hear on the tube to work are sniffles, sneezes and naaasty sounding coughs. Despite my efforts to steer clear of these ‘orrible virus’ and bugs by smothering myself in strawberry laces anti-bac gel (SO good) and munching on a bunch of vitamin C, somehow one cheeky bug(ger) got into my system and I have come down with a pesky chest infection. 414 more words


Why I think the Sainsbury's Christmas ad was good...

Hmmm, so where to start?
There has been much controversy over the new Sainsbury’s Christmas ad – a time of year that has recently been associated with blockbusting ads, aiming to win the hearts of the British nation – often a tough and divisive crowd to please!  750 more words


Happy American Thanksgiving!

Taking a break today to cook, watch football and have our annual Friends-giving!


Penguin the Pyromaniac

The Penguin and the Snowman part three :

Penguin the pyromaniac

Poor old snowman not only has his smart mate Penguin snowballed him of a cliff he is now being introduced to fire. 62 more words


SpartanNerd Comics Commentary...He's BAAACK!

“No.  No. Not HIM!”  Batman utters this line pretty often.  Is it poor writing?

He says this as Superman grins a Joker-ish grin at him. 564 more words