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Detective 628 - Abattoir returns

Wolfman, Aparo and DeCarlo bring back Abattior in Detective 628 (April 1991).

In this story, Abattoir is far less concerned with his ancestry, and more into eating human hearts.  110 more words

DC Comics

DIY Penguin Valentines

Happy first day of February! Only two more weeks until Valentine’s Day, so I thought I would start off the month with a mini craft project that was inspired from Pinterest to celebrate the holiday. 84 more words


{New Printable} A Week for Improvement: Self & Society

I’ve recently become incredibly inspired by the concept of “Improvement“. I’m sure this obsession with bettering myself has come from many things: the search for career fulfillment, knowing I will be a new mother soon, the list goes on and on. 412 more words


Detective 615 - The Penguin falls in love

Marv Wolfman joins Alan Grant in scripting the Penguin story in Detective 615 (Early June 1990), with Breyfogle and Mitchell on the art.

As with the Penguin story from a few months earlier, this just falls flat to me.  134 more words

DC Comics

Detective 611 - Batman vs the Penguin and Kadaver

The not-death of the Penguin story concludes in Detective 611 (Feb. 90), by Grant, Breyfogle and Mitchell.

The Penguin and Kadaver reach an uneasy alliance.  As long as Kadaver can send the Penguin back into his trance, the Penguin has no choice but to continue working with him. 127 more words

DC Comics

Detective 610 - the death of the Penguin

Grant, Breyfogle and Mitchell have had quite a run of great stories.  And while I really like Detective 610 (Jan. 90) as a set-up, the following issue is a bit of a let-down, and this 2-parter just doesn’t hit the levels the series has been at. 207 more words

DC Comics

Gotham 01×13 ‘Welcome Back, Jim Gordon’: Party like Oswald Cobblepot

That dark turn Gotham took last week? Well, it’s even darker and it’s fantastic.

Oh Jim, I know you want to save all of Gotham, and I know you were shoved in a deep corner, but you should know better. 75 more words