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Day 3 of Artist Challenge - Dipping my toes into Animation!

For a while in high school I entertained the notion of getting into animation as a career goal… until I decided (giving up acting for the same reason) I would probably have to move to Florida or California or basically anywhere far away from my family in North Carolina to pursue that goal. 328 more words

The February Problem.

Ah February. The shortest month of the year packed with the most delightful of events: Chinese New Year (well, usually), Valentines and my birthday.

Please read the aboveĀ in my most sarcastic tone your brain can muster. 1,577 more words

Nice to meet you Gentoo penguins

Yesterday we had our first landing. The place is called Yankee harbour. We are divided into seven groups and landings happens in these groups in circulating order. 496 more words

Antarctica Cruice

"I can't deal.... the penguins are coming..."

This is the scene 1am as we’re going to crash at Terrance place. A drunk Rosilia underneath the covers going on and on about how the penguins was coming and that she wasn’t ready to die yet…. 78 more words

Working on things

I think I have framed my penguins

I know my frame might look a little dodge, but I love visiting our second hand shops & recycling frames, as well as other bits and pieces. 97 more words