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Penguins, Huge Penguins

It’s no secret that I love penguins – so it’s appropriate that the first post in this blog is about them. When I was a very young child, my parents took to Edinburgh Zoo – I thought they had just decided that I deserved a trip from the north of England to Scotland, but they were actually plotting to migrate to Australia and they were arranging some paperwork; the zoo was just an added bonus. 868 more words


Ranking the NHL team logos

Recently The Hockey News magazine came out with their NHL logo rankings, which I thought was pretty interesting and fun to look at. So, I decided I’d do my own rankings. 983 more words


Former Penguin Morozov Announces Retirement.

*Courtesy of http://www.sikidscom

It was announced that former Penguin Aleksey Morozov has retired. Morozov played a total of seven seasons for the Penguins between 1997-2004. Morozov finished his NHL career with 12 goals, (14.2 percent of his career total), and 25 points in 30 career games against the Devils. 123 more words



Here at last, apologies for the delay but WordPress has been changing and I have not been able access the blog to publish anything!

Anyway, I thought I would mimic Dr.Who and travel in time and space to see two tableaux depicting the Antarctic and Egypt. 12 more words


Let There Be Blood

Over the next few days, I’m going to be writing about the teams that I consider to be the biggest rivals of the teams I support. 983 more words