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Fundamentalists' greatest fear - species discovered where the females have penises

Female insects with “penises” have been discovered in Brazil – the first example of an animal with sex-reversed genitalia, scientists say.

Neotrogla females insert the erectile organs into males’ vagina-like openings…The elaborate structure, dubbed a “gynosome”, is used to suck out sperm and nutritious seminal fluids…Copulation lasts an impressive 40-70 hours, the researchers report…

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The Pinocchio Penis Tattoo

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Female 'Penis' Found on Brazilian Cave Insects

Scientists have discovered several species of insect in a cave in Brazil that display what they say are the world’s first discovered instances of female “penises.” 159 more words

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Nice to see a guy penetrated by a woman for a change (as he pleasures himself). Also, his penis isn’t porn-sized big. Nice. See how much of it is covered by his hand. Normal.

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Nude Woman

P is for Penis, Phallus, Prick (NSFW, AC)

This post is definitely Adult Content and Not Safe For Work (NSFW)!


A few weeks ago, a friend of mine DM’d me a link on twitter to a site that, quite frankly, I *wish* I’d thought of! 163 more words