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128 - Circumcision Vs. Planning


We give our takes on circumcision. Is it a barbaric attack on human rights or is it a backward, stone-age ritual perpetuating a purely negative cultural norm? 43 more words

What, You’ve Never Read a Judy Blume Novel?

Childhood sex-play is another of those phenomena that is common and rarely talked about. We’re born with our sexuality, and from the time we become curious about our genitalia and the concept of sex, we begin to explore: alone, in pairs, in groups. 713 more words


I Want to Talk About Sex the Entire Time

Some time late last decade, I accompanied a group of (former) friends to a joint bachelor-bachelorette party weekend at a lake cabin. It was my first such event, and I looked forward to days of girl time, as the genders would be segregated. 728 more words


So, I broke my laptop screen while I was really high. I actually knelt on it while my boyfriend and I were busy trying to jump into bed and have really crazy sex. 258 more words


Of cataracts and Gampas

Steve Shoemaker sent this today following cataract surgery.

Verse – cataract surgery

drugs keep you


while tiny



your eyeball

guided by

an all-seeing…

140 more words

Size Matters, or If it’s Too Small, You Don’t Have to Do it

When I can get people to engage about sex, it’s a favorite topic of conversation for me. I like to know what people are doing, what’s working and how they got there. 671 more words