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Jimmy Kimmel Discusses The Long, Storied History Of Penis Shaped Weather Patterns

If there’s one thing you can count on from local news, it’s stories about really big seasonal produce. (“Hey, look at this pumpkin!”and so on and so forth.) If there are two things you can count on from local news, they would be (1) the big pumpkin thing and (2) inadvertent penis shapes on the weather maps. 56 more words


The 60th Annual Michigan Antiquarian Book Show: The Lost Art of Kokigami

Book shows can be stuffy places. Whether it’s listening to someone wax pedantic about first editions or getting told off for daring to touch a book you look too poor to purchase, there’s a certain prim atmosphere that can spoil some of the fun. 284 more words


Dirty laundry! Was John Hembling booted from A Voice for Men for criticizing Janet Bloomfield and Stefan Molyneux?

Longtime observers of A Voice for Men have been wondering for some time why John “The Other” Hembling has vanished from that site. Hembling, once the site’s Editor in Chief and number two figure, was not at AVFM’s much ballyhooed conference this summer, and his name has mysteriously vanished from the masthead. 796 more words


The Dirty Truth

I am feeling paranoid.

After yesterday’s intro photo, I’m deeply concerned petrified that you all may think that was my kitchen.

So I decided to show you the dirty truth. 626 more words


If you can't be with the dick you love, love the dick you're with

Fellas! If you’ve got a girlfriend, and you don’t want to lose her, don’t ever leave her alone for more than a few days at a time, because if you do, she’ll feel so penis-deprived that she’ll cheat on you with whatever penis-having person she can get her hands on first. 819 more words


Joke of the Day 10/3/2014

Joke of the Day:

Q: Why did God give men penises?

A: So they can have at least one way to shut a woman up. 7 more words


Random Case Notes from The Wolf Among Us

I was going to write something long and eloquent about why Telltale’s Wolf Among Us does not work as well as Telltale’s The Walking Dead (Season 1). 293 more words