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I Use God Damn Toilet Paper

It has come to my attention that girls use a lot of toilet paper…

Uh, no shit. (Haha punny…Because girls do not shit or fart. They don’t. 394 more words


This Girl On Tinder Requested A 7 Page Essay From A Potential Boo On Why His Penis Was 'Worthy'

Tinder can be a cruel and unforgiving aspect to today’s dating landscape, as recently learned by one gentleman trying to approach a 22-year-old woman named Noelle. 276 more words

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Pompeii's Erotica: If It's in a Museum, It Must Be Art

So, apparently, Pompeii is old Italian for “penis.”

Yeah, I know, right? Nobody saw that coming.

But they are everywhere at the ancient Roman town-city near Naples. 513 more words


Rick Owens Milan 2015 Autumn Collection - controversy but what about the fashion?

I find it really interesting in the world of fashion that we so often send women down the catwalk in next to nothing and it creates no ripples amongst those of us who regularly write about fashion but send down men with flashes of penis here and there and it makes news around the world. 611 more words


You and your awesome penis.

I have seen a lot of cocks, big ones small ones, cut, uncut, tattooed, etc. A lot of clients and friends will ask me if there penis is ok. 312 more words

Polar Bear Penis Bones Are Snapping All Over The Arctic Thanks To Pollution

Before you ask, yes, there is a bone in the polar bear’s penis. It’s called the baculum. Nobody knows what it’s there for, whether it’s a vestigial bone or whether it serves some purpose elsewhere. 217 more words


Beatles, Humans and Henries

I know the title of the post┬ásounds a bit strange, or very strange…

When my last relationship finished about a month ago, my daughter said that now that I was single again, I’d have men after me… and she wasn’t wrong… 366 more words