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Typography Love

I always thought I had decent handwriting. Of all my skills that I think I have, I think I’m rather confident with my penmanship solely because, I love writing. 127 more words


Lamy Tipo

Lamy Tipo isn’t the most stylish of pens from Lamy, but it fulfills its purpose of being a good writer and that is what the heart of any pen is at. 444 more words

Lamy Pens

Scribble On

Writing must make you sick. It must also bring you relief.

These Fluid Motions

I have recently discovered a great amount of artistic appreciation for those skilled in the art of Calligraphy. I myself am not practiced in the fluid movement of this penmanship but a dear friend of mine is. 91 more words


What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

Your penmanship can reveal a lot about your personality, about 5,000 traits! Along with a few fun quizzes, here are some common things I found when researching… 129 more words


Free Thinking

Bad things happen to good people
Good people die young
The young are innocent;
Innocence is a victim of molestation.

The world is an unfair place… 218 more words