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The History and Demise of Cursive Writing

Cursive, the Secret Language of Adults 

Cursive Handwriting – A Centuries-Old Art1

“For centuries, cursive handwriting has been an art. To a growing number of young people, it is a mystery. 

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Culture & Identity

In Praise of Penmanship

I come to the realization that I teach English, not when I have encounters with simple past and past participles, but when I get to read student writing. 664 more words

Things Cultural

Thinking about hand writing

I’ve got a wrist injury that needs some serious rest or I’ll end up with it in plaster for 6 weeks, so no painting, crafting or letter writing for me for a while. 116 more words

Demise of Cursive and the Decline of Civilization

One of my students told me that I have nice handwriting.  I realized very quickly that she was referring to the fact I was writing in cursive, which isn’t taught as ardently in schools as it was when I was in elementary school back in the 1990s.   554 more words

A Child's Time-In Simple Rhyme # 772

To practice penmanship, and writing-

Can still be beneficial, and enlightening.



Handwriting project update one

Week one of the handwriting improvement project has ended (well, it ended a while ago, but I haven’t had a moment to post about it yet – it’s been too hot for thinking*) and here is the result. 250 more words


Improving Penmanship: Self-torture or worth the effort?

A few thoughts on penmanship.

The above title originally included the term personality traits, however given I lack a background in psychology, would likely have been a little misleading. 1,055 more words