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What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

Your penmanship can reveal a lot about your personality, about 5,000 traits! Along with a few fun quizzes, here are some common things I found when researching… 129 more words


Free Thinking

Bad things happen to good people
Good people die young
The young are innocent;
Innocence is a victim of molestation.

The world is an unfair place… 218 more words

On Pages 3-4

His penmanship was painfully crabbed.  Each sentence was a crowded village of capital letters and small letters, living side by side in tight misery, crawling up on one another as though trying to escape the page.  

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The Disappearance of "John Hancock"

The demise of handwriting is written on the wall. Nowhere is it more obvious than those annoying point-of-sale signatures.

A person’s “John Hancock” singles them out from everyone else. 773 more words

Gary Conkling

The Weekender: Penmanship in the 21st century.

During my elementary school years the one poor grade I received came in fourth grade. It was an “N” in penmanship. The “N” stood for “Needs Improvement.” (This was the equivalent of a check minus, or a “D”.) 448 more words

The Weekender

Some Charming Abcedariums of the Regency

For those of you who may not be familiar with the term, abcedarium is taken from Latin, and by the last decades of the eighteenth century in England, was certainly the most highbrow of the words which denoted a book or list of the letters of the alphabet. 2,562 more words


Salvador Dali's Signature

In our digital age, I still have an odd love for good penmanship. It’s probably because I’ve been typing for so much of my life I can barely write a short note without getting a hand cramp. 68 more words