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Handwriting is one of those things that I’ve gone round and round with my kids over, for basically the entire time we’ve been homeschooling. It’s not that they aren’t capable of writing neatly; more that they get in a hurry and rush through it. 542 more words

Homeschooling Tips And Tricks

Day 2

today i’ll delve into the world of cursive arts. apparently, cursive writing is not something that is actively taught¬†in schools anymore. that’s sad. granted.. other than the predisposition i hold from years of practicing my c’s and s’s on lined paper, there really is no obvious advantage¬†to cursive handwriting over normal print. 136 more words


Day 1

as promised… really to no one, here is day 1. but before i start, an anecdote that had me start thinking about even attempting to do this: I’m a girl, and i wear mascara. 288 more words



on a whim, yesterday in fact, i decided i needed to take up a new hobby.
although i wouldn’t consider this a hobby in the traditional sense, i consider it an activity at which i’m only going to get better (hopefully). 96 more words