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Writing Blanks and School Pieces

Just the other day I was lamenting how rarely I find actual examples of handwriting practice by learners. Lo and behold, I soon happened across a little treasure trove of school-children’s handwriting along with a category of print I’d never heard of before! 973 more words



Another gem from Nicks stash of visual delights! I don’t know too much about these except that they were done by ‘Mrs. Nicks’ great grandfather as a boy! Just pictures this time. Enjoy…

Nick Sampson

Happy National Handwriting Day!

For those of you who haven’t been lusting over penmanship all day, today is National Handwriting Day (as well as John Hancock’s birthday). In a world full of text messaging, emojis, and emails, January 23rd is when word lovers celebrate the lost art of calligraphy. 82 more words


National Handwriting Day

We dove into the archives and pulled out James and Hugh Campbell’s childhood penmanship schoolbooks in honor of National Handwriting Day! These books are part of the large collection of historic family documents housed at the Campbell House Museum. 115 more words

Campbell House

Penmanship Progress Report

I wasn’t completely idle while I took a break from posting here- I did pick up my pen from time to time and filled the many sheets in the photo above. 488 more words


National Handwriting Day: Hidden Meanings Behind Your Scribbles

David Grayson, Ed.D. is considered the world’s leading handwriting authority. He’s appeared on CNN, ABC and NBC. He’s worked with companies, police departments, and lawyers. A teacher for more than 40 years, Grayson is the leading author of  561 more words

Old Books

I visited my grandparents down in North Carolina for the holidays – and I was lucky enough to come back with some great old books. I learned that my great-grandfather had been a bit of a hobbyist sign-painter and draftsman. 118 more words