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Coin Identification and Value

My newest free download on Teachers Pay Teachers is a work mat for coin identification and value. Children identify and match pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters, show their value by stacking pennies, then show new ways to make ten and twenty-five cents. 14 more words


I remember myself as a child,

standing outside near the well.

One by one,  I’d let them drop.

Their worth no more to sell.

If there were such a thing as fate, 24 more words


Keeping warm!

I love autumn. I love the colours, the change in temperature, the seasonal food, the woolly jumpers, wearing boots. Yes, autumn is great.

And today we stepped out in our coats because it was chilly, not because it was wet! 182 more words


Pennies Need To Go Die

:) I have a very strong opinion on this matter.

Pennies are absolutely worthless and getting rid of them is like the solution to all of our problems and it’s right in our freaking faces! 264 more words

Picking up a "lucky penny"

The other day I saw a penny on the floor. Just a regular penny. At the entrance of a supermarket. Nothing special really. Except that it was special. 259 more words


The Little Things

Counting pennies
Ones and twos until the cows come home and the winter sun sets with
Another early bedtime.

First impressions the only ones, once I stand my ground… 111 more words