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Change 4 Change...The Power of Pennies

I hope that this post really inspires you to believe in your dream, but also believe in investing in YOURSELF. A man walked to a local convenience store to purchase himself a cold beer. 442 more words


Words are like pennies we keep in our pockets, unless we ink or voice them, they are worth nothing.

Have you ever wondered why dictators always ban books that don’t fit their ideas? 91 more words

Interests / Surroundings

Sab 12: unlearning

After much ado, a long distance bashing of Indian Independence Day happenings, multiple cross and undoing cross stitches over a delicate cream coloured linen, a melee of blue threads now surround me. 97 more words


I wish...

Jacob was throwing pennies into a fountain yesterday. He has been using the phrase “I wish” often lately, so I told him to make a wish and then throw the Penny. 40 more words


Sab 11: nothing = nothing

As advised by a blog post that I sort of follow religiously, I did exactly what was being asked of me – nothing. Yup. Zilch. Sifar. 170 more words


Conundrum #2

The anxieties of traffic. Could I take another route? What if I do and it takes longer than the one I’m taking? What if me taking a different route causes me to have an accident? 18 more words


Pennies from Heaven

When someone dies, they dont actually die. Their body does, but their spirit becomes a part of your spirit. I used to think people were full of crap, “They live on in you.” But as I comforted a patient today who just had the blues, found myself saying, “My Poppa used to call this the pits. 262 more words