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Old coins nice profit!

On Tuesday this week I was traveling through a small rural town in South Carolina. I noticed a small pawnshop that looked like no one had been inside within the last day or two. 426 more words


Coppertone Baby

In this video, I discuss what’s known as toning, or patina, which is a discoloration of the coin. I look at a few of the copper pennies in my possession that have some fantastically strange coloring.

College Student Pays Off College Tuition With 500 Pounds Of Pennies

BETHANY, Oklahoma (CBS Houston) – A college senior is paying off his tuition with 500 pounds of pennies.

“You can do anything you set your mind to, that’s the exciting part,” Andrew Magbee, a senior at Southwestern Christian University, told… 230 more words


Pennies . .......................... From the Desk of Cree

” Pennies”                       Apr 23, 2004

A few months while at work I decided to buy a couple of piggy banks to start saving change. I bought 3  for myself, and decided that I would put one up and use the other two for my quartes, dimes, and nickels. 576 more words

P is for ...

Find a penny. Pick it up.

All day long you’ll have good luck.

My mother was always the best at finding pennies on the sidewalk … or in the parking lot of the post office or the playground at the elementary school. 446 more words



Moments are like pennies. We spend them carelessly, thinking they are worth little individually. If you spend them on things that don’t matter, eventually you’ll realize how how precious each single penny was, and how much care should have given, when they add up. 35 more words

More Pennies............

The theme was,”a penny for your thoughts.” I have more pennies to write about. Isaac saves pennies. Isaac is my son. He is still trying to find a graphic arts job. 450 more words