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The Real Life Human Jessica Rabbit!

Penny Brown, a woman trying to look like Jessica Rabbit from the cartoon, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” Creating an extreme hourglass figure, the 25-year-old pinup model got breast implants (taking her from a 34H to a 36O) and found a way to squeeze her waist into a 23-inch corset!


WEBTASTIC: Woman Modified Her Whole Body To Look Like Jessica Rabbit!

Talk about a couple loose bolts. I am all about improving your body as you see fit– after all it is your body and you only get one– but this is a little too much for my personal liking. 145 more words


Meet The Woman With O-Cup Breasts Who Wants To Look Like Jessica Rabbit

Penny Brown’s not bad. She’s just plastic surgery’d that way. The 25-year-old plus-sized pinup model has gotten two boob jobs in the past two years to go from a H to an O cup, and shrunk her waist “from 38 to a tiny 23 inches by squeezing into rib-crushing corsets for up to 23 hours a day.” 142 more words

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