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I’ve thought about getting a tattoo, on and off, in the past four years. The pain and permanence have always stopped me, and probably always will. 41 more words

Penny For Your Thoughts

Not to be the Shrewish Single Girl but...

I’ve been thinking about it for a while now about how there were no guys I’ve met that weren’t brotherly to me. All of the guys I met were too childish, too sexualized, or too nerdy. 216 more words


A Novel Perspective

I’ve always been the person to turn to for advice. I don’t know what divine power or whatever decided that I was the person to turn to for all of the answers but it just happened that way. 402 more words


All Our Stories are Sometimes Unfortunately Complicated and Unique

As I’m sure everyone already knows, we all have individual stories to tell. Stories of struggle and overcoming; stories of absolute victory; and ordinary stories that continue to attempt to explain the human condition. 367 more words

Penny For Your Thoughts


Since I’ll be officially done with my undergraduate career in 6 weeks, I had a talk about the future with my parents. Though things are still unclear, it reminded me just how much I’m loved by my family and friends, and how much I love them!

Penny For Your Thoughts

New Blog!

Hey guys,
sorry I haven’t been posting lately I have been working on a blog for my journalism course. If you could check it out it would be amazing! 12 more words

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