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Thought on Ch. 7 of Book Love, but on a Saturday . . . or re-reading is good for you

Chapter 7 of Book Love surprised me. What Kittle is describing in the section “Analyzing the Craft of Writing” is something I think of as “close reading.” And close reading a writer’s work is something I only truly learned in graduate school. 316 more words


Coming to Terms with the P-Word

My friends don’t understand why I love bikram yoga–the heat (105 degrees), the humidity (40%), the predictability (26 postures repeated twice).

“Don’t you get bored?” they persist. 962 more words

Writing Workshop

"Book Love"

*Brushes the dust off of blog* Cough cough

So my life has been consumed by student teaching this semester, which has been a really valuable experience thus far. 468 more words


Book Love (Chapter 5) By Penny Kittle

Chapter Five

Deals with the power of Book Talk in’s and outs of selling the idea of reading to students.

Book Talk is a segment of her class time which focuses on  simply talking about books. 411 more words

Ya Fiction

Book Love (Chapter 4) By Penny Kittle

Chapter Four focuses on

Balance, a Classroom Library, Reading/Writing template

Penny encourages teachers to think of reading as a castle. Often the only way in the castle is through a narrow door. 324 more words

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Book Love (Chapter 3) By Penny Kittle

This Book should be a must read for all teachers and parents. It offers such hope for students who don’t want or like to read. I am totally inspired and impressed by the wisdom and understanding expressed in its’ pages. 173 more words

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Book Love thoughts on a Sunday

While I have enjoyed Penny Kittle’s Book Love, there have been times when I’ve thought things like “Well, that’s nice, but I can’t see how that would work in a real world classroom . 422 more words