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Am I a feminist? A panel discussion at The Guardian.


Am I a feminist? Or why a woman without a label is like a fish on a bicycle

And we have yet another article on feminism, this one titled “Am I a feminist?” prompted, it appears, by Senator Penny Wong’s call to all Australian women to identify ourselves by that label, because a woman without a label is like a fish on bicycle or something something something politics. 328 more words


Acting Labor leader Penny Wong says feminism is not just for the left wing

Acting Labor leader Penny Wong will urge women across the political spectrum to call themselves “feminists” in an address on Friday, arguing the term is not “extreme” and not an exclusive preserve of Birkenstock-wearing women of the left. 437 more words


Shadow Finance Minister for Lesbianism

In advance of the Gay Mardi Gras scheduled for Sydney tonight, I received disturbing news yesterday that Penny Wong, the Labor shadow Finance Minister for Lesbianism will also be attending. 55 more words

Penny Wong

Why I Joined Labor

A slightly more personal post from me today. As the title makes fairly clear, I recently applied to join the Australian Labor Party. It’s important to be fully honest in my opinion about this, which is why I have written this post. 845 more words