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Falmouth/Penryn: working towards cutting out democracy

In the old council before the 2013 elections, Falmouth was represented by a couple of councillors who looked extremely favourably on developers, rarely opposing their plans. 697 more words

Local Plan

Two Chairs

Two Chairs
Paul Conneally


Christmas Tree, Egg Yolk and Mincemeat Cookies

1    Penryn is full of Christmas trees and it is delightful.

2   Sometime ago I bought a little rubber contraption to separate egg yolk from the white and today I used this brilliant little thing with great success! 53 more words


Social Student Article

So, recently there have been a couple of articles floating around about the issues about living on a secondary campus, and the lifestyle depicted in these articles is not completely complimentary or representative of what I’ve experienced, so I thought I’d write about my own thoughts about living at Exeter University’s Penryn Campus. 7 more words

My Stuff

Falmouth Daily News

As part of our writing for the media module we were given the task of writing a short news article in a day alongside several images to support the story. 274 more words

October 25: The Razorblades at Miss Peapods

German, surf, and punk are three words you’re unlikely to hear in many band descriptions, but it’s a pretty bang-on description of The Razorblades sound and style. 274 more words


News and Magazine Production: My First Feature

I’m currently in the process of writing my first feature for our student run magazine. I say that, I haven’t actually started writing it yet for reasons I’ll get to in a minute. 403 more words