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Have I been for a long slow run? Is that why I am tired?

No, today was spent sat in a chair watching Madam compete in a pentathlon. 383 more words


Pentathlon LF 2.5 Gallon Jug Fungicide

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3 Pentathlon Lifts

5 Squat
5 Pushup
5 Sit-throughs/side
5 Pushups
5 Squat
3sets, no rest

Light jerks, with 3 breath static hold at top

Shoulder rolls/light stretching… 19 more words

Ma intrec „cot la cot” cu baietii

Cand? Cum? Unde? Mai mereu as putea spune. :) Dar, de data aceasta, lucrurile devin si mai serioase pentru ca m-am hotarat sa ma inscriu la primul meu pentathlon si sa (imi) demonstrez ca sunt o biciclista care nu doar se imbraca frumos si zambeste cu gura pana la urechi, ci si competitiva si rezistenta. 220 more words

Fete Cochete & Biciclete

Pentathlon with Ipswich Kettlebell Club

Ipswich Kettlebell Club

1min 20kg Swings
28kg Swings x10/each

Cleans 28kg

LCP 24kg

Jerk 22kg

Half Snatch 22kg
18/18, 17/17, 16/16… 59 more words