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Why This, not That

Pseudo-nude? © Steven Willard

Do you ever think about why you take pictures? I don’t mean just a particular image, but why do you choose photography as a mode of expression? 410 more words

Evidence of time past

Mill building, Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts © Steven Willard

I guess I get about as much enjoyment from looking at old buildings as is possible for someone who doesn’t have skin in the game. 191 more words

"It's a puzzlement"

Woodbury, Connecticut © Steven Willard

Okay, let me say right off, I don’t know why I like this image, but I keep coming back to it. 286 more words

Blood Moon

When we got home from our holiday in Nelson, we read that their was going to be an eclipse known as the ‘Blood Moon’, due to the moons ‘red’ hue. 606 more words

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