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"Mutters" photoshoot prize winner

Part of my photo-road-trip this year was 2 competitions, one for Neigh-bours (A South African horsey website) and one for Mutters (A South African doggy website) 9 more words


Wild Ballet Part 5

The fifth and final part of the shoot only took place once the sun was setting, my sidekick Ashleigh and I had the idea of creating something back lit and hopefully quite moody. 83 more words


Wild Ballet Part 4

Part 4 of the shoot was a no brainer, there was this beautiful green little “island” sticking out in to the river, I thought it may look quite spectacular from on top of the bridge… 25 more words


A spring day along the beaches of the Bay of Somme

The Bay of Somme is a famous Bay in France, located in the North along the English Channel. This is one of the most… 164 more words

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