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it is beautiful around this Iris.
the blue sky reflecting water surface.
and the back-light makes the leaves beautiful.


A Summer with the Ricoh Theta

I’ve been a Pentaxian for about a quarter of a century. I’ve recommended Pentax cameras to others for longer than that, based on the experiences of other photographers I knew, back when I was still tinkering with large format photography. 2,297 more words


Bedknobs and broomsticks

292 // 365

I have had the most frustraiting day ever (in terms of photography). I had two ideas in mind which I could shoot today, neither worked out when I came to edit them. 159 more words


The blazing reds of autumn

291 // 365

Found my remote shutters! Hurray! They were under kB’s guitar bag. However when I went out today to take a photo, I ended up not packing them, but not realising until I was pretty much at the location so I decided to rock the autumn theme (again ;-))


Morning light and fallen leaves

It is not a full-fledged foliage yet.
Here is still warm.