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Just a walk in my hometown with the sole purpose of consuming a roll of (expired) Portra that I bought last month half priced in Torino.   162 more words

An autumn day in July

No, I’m not talking about the weather, although last weekend was a little cool and wet. I’m talking about todays photo which was taken on an autumn day back in 2009. 227 more words


HDR from a Ghost town!

Here are some images which have had some editing done to them. These are from the ghost town we visited called Joadja. You can see a lot more information about the town at  64 more words


Out in the open

204 // 365

My biggest disadvantage is the fact that I am really really really bad at, well, being a model I suppose. I have no control over most of my limbs or face most of the time. 42 more words


Day out at a Ghost Town...

We went for a day trip to Joadja. This is a ghost town now, left to crumble when the company that owned it went under and everybody shipped out. 165 more words


Side trip ... beautiful wing

At the edge of the forest, I found this.

The wing is still beautiful.

And the hydrangea is still beautiful.

And this is the flower of “Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora”.