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He touched me

Since my brain surgery, I’ve sought for a cure to make me normal again. I try to daily appear normal and that I am okay with this new me. 268 more words

The Pope and Pentecostals

I just recently came across a video that proclaims that Pope Francis of the Catholic Church reached out to the Pentecostal faith in order to reach unity within the Christian ranks. 975 more words


What Is In a Name

One of my concerns Hispanic/Latin@ Theology is to gain a consciousness of what exactly makes one a Hispanic/Latin@ person. Being Hispanic/Latin@ is not a racial delineation. 815 more words


Orando y con el mazo dando

It is indeed, a good thing to have a place to come together and exchange ideas about the church and society from a Hispanic Pentecostal perspective. 704 more words


Reflections on Mission "and" Church


During this weekend an interesting conversation surfaced – mientras comíamos en le mesa (as usually happens among Latinos) – with friends and family. The underlying question of the conversation could be, who is the owner of the mission? 872 more words


What if Today was Your Last Chance?

It’s important to be sure before you make rash decisions; this is true, but what about those who never commit to make a decision, and always delay making changes that could be the one thing that the Lord is waiting on before their answer is delivered? 831 more words


Emerging Voices from an Emerging People

I am excited to be able to contribute to Voces Emergentes blog! This is an important work/ministry that is being made available by the Center for Latin@ Studies of the Pentecostal Theological Seminary in Cleveland, TN. 630 more words