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Review - Adonit Jot Script Evernote Edition With Penultimate & Bamboo Paper

Pen and paper… not the most technologically advanced way of taking notes, making lists or jotting down ones thoughts. However, it’s been the norm for hundreds of years. 590 more words


Out with Penultimate, In with Notability

A few weeks ago, I was excited about Penultimate, the handwriting app for iPad. This week Penultimate RUINED the app, releasing the worst update of a digital product I have ever seen. 153 more words

Penultimate 6.0 -- A Handwritten Software Fiasco

I spent 30 years in the software development industry, leaving before I wrote a mobile app, alas. But the tale of Penultimate 6.0, Evernote’s latest revision to its only in-house handwriting input app for iOS, is a classic tale of software acquisition disaster. 1,068 more words


Like, Really!!!

So someone didn’t send down ‘the list’ to reception in the office building where I am in school. So now we are just standing here looking crazy, while the college graduates walk past us like we’re chopped liver! 17 more words

November 1st - Penultimate

Penultimate – adj: next to last

We remember the last of something; it’s hard not to. But, as I look back on those days filled with “Lasts” I wish I could remember the “Penulitmates” instead. 30 more words

365 Words Challenge

Gadgets: iPad Mini 2 Review

Hi !
Let’s start from the beginning.
A week or so ago I went to one of my places on this earth (Lestats).
I was doing my homework when my boyfriend mentioned wanting to get an iPad. 500 more words

Life Style

Cold, Part 8


“So that’s what happened,” said Ed. “That’s why I wasn’t at school today.”

“And why you got stabbed,” said Marisol.

“Yeah,” said Ed. “And that.” 740 more words