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Playing with Shadows

My type of photography is mainly street and event. I rarely do head shots or portraits but when I do them I try to be a little different. 112 more words

Washington D.C.

Positions available

We’re advertising again.  Have a look here for the latest post-doc positions, but we’re about to announce some programming positions too.


When my best friend and I try to study part II

After our studying-themed indoor shoot, we decided to take it to my backyard. I was at first skeptical about being able to get any sort of usable background considering  it was pretty blasted with midday light, but my little (or should I say gigantic?) 85mm  f/1.2 pulled through as it has been every shoot. 91 more words


London - Day 10 | Paris - Day 3


We started off our last full day in Paris by waking up bright and early. We decided to go with the Interior Design group (we always seem to be tagging along with them) to a flea market they found out about. 1,623 more words


When my best friend and I try to study...

…it usually turns into a photo session instead. We’re both taking summer classes–accounting and philosophy for her, logic and sociology for me–but sometimes photography just has to take priority. 138 more words