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Love letters from Anne Coulter

Anne Coulter may seem like a miserable shrew with a used tampon for a heart, but it turns out that she has a romantic side. … 463 more words

People Are Dumb

eTalks - The Secrets of Food Marketing

This is so damn scary. My wife and I do our grocery shopping from a mostly organic supermarket. And we mostly know where our food is coming from. 72 more words


An open letter to Dr. Neil Clark Warren (eHarmony guy)

Dear Dr. Neil Clark Warren, 

Why are we as a society ignoring the creepy factor of your eHarmony ads? We need to get the grodiness of the eHarmony ads right out in the open. 257 more words

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32 College Students Reveal The Most Ridiculous Thing They've Heard Someone Say In Class

How did these people get into college. I’m dying laughing reading these things. If you have any hilarious things you’ve overheard in class, post them in the comments, please! 2,458 more words