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"Wow this crowd takes a long time to warm up."

Feeling kinda “lone wolf”-ish lately and for some reason I don’t really mind. It seems that a lot of individuals cannot handle sarcasm nor can they handle THE TRUTH. 86 more words

In defense of Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy has been at the center of the vaccine controversy for years now. The criticism directed toward her is growing as childhood diseases spread as a natural response to kids not being vaccinated. 233 more words

Pop Culture

So Close To Death - Close Call Compilation

If the above image isn’t enough, the video below is over 7 minutes worth people almost getting smoked. Mostly it’s because of other people being completely reckless. 28 more words


Lie Witness News - SXSW - Jimmy Kimmel

Dumb hipsters. I hate them with so much of everything I have.

Which is why I LOVE ‘Lie Witness News’ on the Jimmy Kimmel Live. This time, Jimmy’s reporter heads down to talk to some hipsters at SXSW, Austin, Texas and ask them about the fictitious bands that are not playing there. 27 more words


On Potlucks: By Deedee Ulintz

I was struggling for something to write for this guest blog, then I get an email for our upcoming Spring Break Work Potluck. Let the flood gates open… 765 more words

People Are Dumb