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It's enough to make you cancel your reservation

A vacation should be your time away from the crazy. Remind me never to travel to any of the same vacation spots these people have booked. 530 more words


Let's just call her Betty

“Betty” is a cashier at my Kroger. She has been there since I’ve been shopping at that location, which is nearly sixteen years, and I’m guessing she’s worked there much longer than that. 865 more words

Music To Occupy Your Mind

Right from the first few strums of the guitar, and lead singer Connor J O’Brien sighing, you can sense that there is something off about Villagers “Occupy Your Mind” in the best way possible. 216 more words

Word of the Week: proselyte

Vartix velkor mannik wissick. Continue reading.

I learned a new word this week. Proselyte.

Before I define the word, please allow me to first elucidate another word, … 319 more words

Geek In Disguise

I Step Outside My Door

I step outside my door
And take a walk through the trees
In love with nature
Life in beautiful diversity
And I marvel at the world… 75 more words

Life Lessons