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Not drinking? 'You're so boring!'

So I met a mate for a drink tonight in a bar at about 6pm….I guess this is known as ‘beer o’clock’, but not for me. 473 more words


In Your Club

in dark rooms,

with heavy bass,

and fruity drinks,

watery beer,

polo shirts stink of sweat,

hair gel runs down the neck,

high heeled shoes are broken… 171 more words

Kitten Kaboodle Greatest Hits 24

“Light My Fire”…

People ARE strange!
Kitten Kaboodle rating for this post is 5 out of 5 broccoli’s!

The 9 LivesOf Buffalo Tom Peabody

Buffalo Tom Peabody

The Man With The Miley Cyrus Tattoos

I watched two Channel 4 documentaries today, and one, My Tattoo Addiction inspired this post (I’ll probably write about the other, Date My Porn Star, at some point). 471 more words


Other People

Along the way, I have let a select few know about the brewing plans to move across the country. I would consider them all friends, mentors, trusted professional references and family. 194 more words


Real Talk with Mocha Pika: The Purge: Anarchy

So I’m on the arc trainer at the gym today and lo and behold I see a trailer for the sequel to the Purge. Non-spoiler alert: The Purge is set in a dystopian future America where for 1 night a year, all crime is legal. 196 more words

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