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Mice Are Cute and Rats Are Vile - Really?

Most people will say cats, dogs and even mice are cute animals, and would not purposely hurt them. But rats? These intelligent, but seemingly vile animals seem to have no lobby, hardly any lovers, not even in the “animal lover community”. 228 more words

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Baby Elephant TAKEN by Ringling Bros. Circus

In the wild, female elephants usually don’t begin mating until they are 18, but Ringling Bros. used Shirley for breeding when she was only 7 years old. 198 more words

Don Lichterman

Black Bears Need Bright Future

Some people believe that bears are cuddly toys. And cute to watch. But bears grow into imposing creatures and then they often end up in abysmal places. 140 more words

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Video of Suni and a plea to Help Free Mali

The round-the-clock care given by the Orphanage’s keepers and veterinarians has helped Suni regain some use of her leg, but she still is not able to walk normally. 1,075 more words

Don Lichterman

Socialist editor criticizes captivity, supports public 'animal research'

By Michael D. Yates
Via: CounterPunch

The Kohala Coast on the Big Island of Hawai’i is spectacular. For miles north and south, the lava-rock shoreline is broken by tree- and palm-lined beaches. 1,167 more words