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Working Animals, the Neglected

Working animals are among the most neglected in the world. PeTA is hosting a town hall meeting you can easily join:

Donor town hall meeting with Ingrid Newkirk and Poorva Joshipura at today, July 29th, 2014 at  7 p.m. 106 more words

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Only the Monkey Should Decide What to Play

Students always have been ready for some fun. But torturing nonhuman beings should  get them expelled.

Whistleblower Reveals Abuse at Ivy League University

PETA has received evidence that staff at a Princeton University laboratory recently placed at least one marmoset in a plastic exercise ball designed for ferrets and rolled the ball through the corridors to torment the terrified monkey for their own amusement. 52 more words

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Petition: Give the Elephants a Law to Protect Them

The more people care about the plight of circus animals, the more politicians start to react. Getting laws to support legal action against any kind of animal cruelty is the best way to start to successfully eradicate abuse. 242 more words

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Petition: Animals Do Not Want to Dance For People

Yes, there still are families who believe their children need to see an elephant dancing on two legs, being made to do that with torture instruments in the hands of those pretending to care for the animal. 132 more words

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Airplane banners fly to protest fishing from piers

MANHATTAN BEACH (CNS) – An animal-rights group will send a banner flying over Southland beaches tomorrow with the message “Keep Hookers Off the Pier! Ban Fishing,” as it continues its campaign to have fishing prohibited from piers. 287 more words


Petition: Wool Is For Sheep Only

Growing up, winters were cold and we had to wear wool sweaters. They were scratchy and itchy, and we dreaded wearing them. But they did keep us warm. 196 more words

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State of Cockfighting and Fancy Chicken Breeding in the Philippines

Cockfighting in the Philippines is worth more than Php 50 Billion industry ! .  This does not include breeding fancy chickens for pet and food  ( like bantams, serama, silkie chicken , cochin ,  frizzle , parawakan )   poultry industry for eggs and meat in which big name commercial feeds and multi-national companies. 802 more words

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