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Is It Social to Watch Tortured Animals?

When circuses send animals into the arena, these animals are not there for their own pleasure or fun and would never willingly do what they are forced to do. 164 more words

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Who Wants to See Animals in Tiny Cages? Changing Louisiana Law

The animals in Louisiana might get a break if all goes well. If you live in Louisiana, here is your chance to get active:

“If you live in Louisiana, please plan to attend the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries’ hearing on the rule changes next week and speak in support of the animals. 32 more words

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Where Do Wild Animals Belong?

On my daily walk to school I passed by a house where the second story windows opened to an almost jungle-like view. And sometimes, if I was lucky, I could see a brown, furry creature pass by the window. 331 more words

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How Do You Train Medical Students Without Harming Animals?

Where do animals for training and teaching come from? How do students learn to become doctors, veterinarians, nurses, etc.? They often are set up with animals caught off the streets and not yet knowing what to do end up mistreating these animals unnecessarily. 185 more words

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Video Shows Reality Star Steve-O Changing Freeway Sign to Say 'Sea World Sucks'

“Jackass” star and PETA member Steve-O may face legal repercussions after a recently released YouTube video shows him defacing a San Diego freeway sign, slightly altering the off-ramp to say “Sea World Sucks.” 191 more words

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Is It Fashionable to Mistreat Horses?

Most people crave for technological advancements. Most people want to drive the car with all the new advancements, not crank it up like in the early 20th century. 235 more words

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Bobcats Do Not Want to Live on Fur Farms

If you live in a place with no electricity, no heating, far away from any developed part of the world and the temperatures fall to degrees where human beings cannot survive without protection, maybe then you need to wear fur. 259 more words

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