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PETA KILLS and paid to do it~Make no mistake about it!!!

“In December 2012, more than 18,000 rats – bred for use as reptile food – and hundreds of reptiles were seized from Global Captive Breeders. … 761 more words

Antibiotics for Livestock


Re “The Peril of Antibiotic Use on Farms” (editorial, Dec. 22):

The Food and Drug Administration’s antibiotic “guidance” is worse than complete inaction, because it implies that if pharmaceutical companies and industrial farms comply with the F.D.A.’s suggestions, antibiotic use will decline. 130 more words

Factory Farms

Idaho's 'Ag-Gag' Bill: Shameful Attempt to Hide Animal Cruelty on Factory Farms


The images were shocking: workers at an Idaho dairy farm viciously beating cows with canes, jumping on their backs as they moaned in distress, kicking them in the face, and even dragging sick and injured animals across concrete flooring with chains attached to their necks. 520 more words

Factory Farms

PETA PETITION: Stop Militaries' World War on Animals!

More than 80 percent of NATO nations have confirmed to PETA that they do not use any animals for military medical training exercises—including Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, … 673 more words


University of Wisconsin-Madison

The University of Wisconsin has a long history of crimes against animals to answer for, a list of horrors which, quite shamefully, shows no sign of collecting dust any time soon.

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Sustainable Action Network


Why are people still supporting these extreme animal rights organizations when the information has been out there for years exposing the truth…Getting back to basics…Exposing the truth…These animal rights extremists are nut jobs!!! 123 more words