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Our Religion

Enjoyed assignment for school.


Jonathan Haidt introduces his structural functionalist theory themed speech with by parting the sea of audience members into the categories of fundamentalist and the unchurched, the public believers of a specific faith and those who believe in the ambiguous spirituality of it all. 530 more words


How I Work In Retail When I Am NOT A People Person

I’ve gotta say, this is not an easy task. It isn’t easy to wake up and go to work, look at people in the face, and explain to them why they can’t have an extra discount on something, or why they can’t return that shirt that they bought 10 a year ago and is now ripped and stained. 604 more words

Does it show?

I’m not the best people person ever. Over the years I’ve gotten really really good at faking it, and from jobs I’ve had I’m good at lying (not in a harmful way) and can talk my way through and around most situations. 386 more words


Doing What You Love

When talking to students who don’t know what they want to major in I always ask them the same question, “What do you enjoy doing?” 274 more words

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