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Cardiology Drugs Of The Year: New, Old, And Not-So-Funny

New Drug Of The Year: LCZ696 from Novartis

Old Drug of the Year: Ezetimibe

Not-So-Funny Drug of the Year: Ivabradine

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European Review Confirms Increased Risk with Ivabradine

Following a review provoked by troubling findings that emerged from a large clinical trial, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) is making several recommendations intended to lower the risk of heart problems linked to the heart-rate-lowering drug ivabradine. 61 more words

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Intent To Tweet And A Failure Of Communication

For more than 15 years I’ve been trying to figure out how physicians can get involved with social media without devolving into Beliebers. It’s not easy. 118 more words

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US Proposal Would Greatly Expand Transparency Of Clinical Trials

The US Department of Health and Human Services today proposed new rules that would greatly expand the number of clinical trials that companies and researchers are required to report. 11 more words

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IMPROVE-IT Meets Endpoint And Demonstrates Real But Modest Clinical Benefit For Ezetimibe

After all the waiting and all the controversy it turned out to be pretty simple. The IMPROVE-IT trial did what it set out to do and reached its primary endpoint. 115 more words

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At the American Heart Association Meeting You Really Can't Escape The New Cholesterol Drugs

There’s no escaping them. At the American Heart Association in Chicago going on right now Amgen and Sanofi/Regeneron, which are developing competing cholesterol lowering drugs known as PCSK9 inhibitors, have mounted a full scale attack to capture the eyeballs and the brains of cardiologists and any other innocent bystanders who happen to be at the McCormick convention center. 10 more words

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IMPROVE-IT Trial Paper Won't Be Published Right Away In The New England Journal Of Medicine

The presentation of the eagerly awaited IMPROVE-IT trial, scheduled for Monday at the American Heart Association meeting, won’t be accompanied by a simultaneous publication in the  34 more words

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