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If you have read a few of my blogs, you may have noticed a trend. Ima “pro-active” kinda gal, and talk about things that I want to change in my life. 423 more words


Laugh it off

There’s usually a light side to every matty situation. Look for the humor instead of mired in the doom and gloom. Remember: this too shall pass.


The Best and Worst Thing You Can Do For Your Creative Business: Why People Pleasing Isn't Pleasing People



Marisa D. Aceves. Aquamarine Composition 2. Digital Photography. http://www.acevesart.com/

article by Marisa D. Aceves


As artists our greatest hope is that people both value and appreciate our work. 740 more words

Abstract Art


As human beings, we seek acceptance, love, and the feeling or knowledge of knowing we are wanted. In the pursuit of the above listed things, we tend to become a “people-pleaser,” and to a certain extent we trade in our own happiness for the happiness of others. 382 more words


One of the hardest parts….okay THE hardest part of “starting something” is being naked.

Yup. Naked.

This goes before the part of actually doing this “thing” 308 more words


Learning to Say No

When I’m in a relationship, and in love, the other person’s happiness matters to me. It should. That is normal. But in my marriage I took it to an unhealthy extreme. 339 more words


The Relief of Decisions

A month or so ago I talked about making a difficult decision to step away from an organization on whose Board I served. I didn’t fully understand how much stress I put on myself with that involvement until I no longer felt it after I resigned. 379 more words

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