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Of pissing people off and tales of a reformed people pleaser

You’re always going to piss someone off.

Said something negative about religion or faith in front of someone who is a devout ? They’re pissed. Posted on Facebook about how cats are better than dogs? 447 more words

I'm No Superwoman

Despite what you all may think (haha), I’m no superwoman.  

I’m no supermom.

Though I confess it in faith with a Supergirl keychain, hoodie and t-shirt (thanks to the hubs) and I have a nickname floating around out there (Super Suze).   1,687 more words

Being Who God Made You To Be

Rule #to be loved

We had an interesting conversation the other day which opened a degree of understanding for me. AS man believes his purpose in life is to be loved. 458 more words


No whining.

Sometimes it’s really really difficult to accept what’s happening in our lives. We either ignore or whine. Putting our heads in the sand won’t help anything, and whining about what we don’t like is also useless. 11 more words

Lesson Learned

It’s the “incident” that continues to bother me almost a year later.   I say “incident” because it was not actually one particular event but a whole lot of little ones strung together into one horrible nightmare.   872 more words

The Source

Today I’ve been thinking a bit about how so much encouragement or discouragement depends not so much on what is said or done, but the setting you’re in or the people speaking to you. 379 more words

Faith, Church, And Theology

Episode 4: People-Pleasing

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Host: Kelli
Contributors: Swetha, Ken, Olivia, Meishia, Ruth
Topic: Courage to Change, pg. 90
Format: Meeting

Join Kelli, Swetha, Ken, Olivia, & Meisha discuss a reading in Courage to Change (pg. 30 more words