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Too Much Advice?

Yesterday, I went and saw the attorney that my brother’s mother-in-law recommended.  He was a bull dog, very direct, and I did not feel comfortable sitting in his office wasting my brother’s mother-in-laws dime.  226 more words

Broken Marriage

Messy Marvellousness!

I have learned to leave my girlish embarrassment at being a cyclic messy desker and adore the clutter that is the dynamo of my creativity! Read this… 36 more words

We All Deserve to Receive What We Need (and It’s Not Selfish)

ByLizzy Doole

“We think that we have to learn how to give, but we forget about accepting things, which can be much harder than giving…Accepting another person’s gift is allowing him to express his feelings for you.” ~Alexander McCall Smith… 13 more words

the truth that keeps me out of the cave of despair

My body returned from Scotland last Thursday night. It has taken my mind longer to return. It was ready right away to be with my kids, to celebrate PJ’s 9th birthday (how is it possible that my YOUNGEST is in his last year of single digits?), and ease back into the cycle of cooking/washing/straightening. 496 more words

Grace In The Small Things

Saying "NO" Why is it so hard for some/easy for others?

I’ve been getting messages about saying “no”.  I’m not talking about  hallucinations or delusions!  I’m in a teleseminar on a COMPLETELY different topic except she relates it to caring for yourself-establishing boundaries…and saying no. 254 more words

Herod The Great People Pleaser

“What will my friends think?” This pressing question is constantly swirling in the head of one known as a people pleaser. The clothes they wear, who they sit with at lunch, the college they attend, the person they marry – in short, almost everything they do, every decision they make is calculated to please other people, with the ultimate desire…to have their approval and praise. 552 more words

People Pleasing

Dear former Amye,

There are some people you just cannot please.

Stop letting them make you feel bad about yourself.

Don’t make them feel like you’ve done something wrong. 117 more words