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View From a Room

Where would I go if I could go anywhere? This was a difficult question for me and it took me most of the day to decide. 578 more words

Writing 101 WP

Day 15: Hopium Dependency: Stop Playing the Seek and Approval Game.

“A truly strong person does not need the approval of

others any more than a lion needs the approval of


~ Vernon Howard

So what’s wrong with wanting to… 1,198 more words

Lifes Lessons


When our younger daughter’s illness initially presented, a well-educated friend from our previous church community called me…not once…not twice…but three times to tell me I was being an irresponsible mom for relying on traditional treatment rather than seeing her alternative holistic healer for our younger daughter’s severe mental illness.  249 more words

Will the real you please stand up?

I can think of a couple of instances when I’ve jumped the bandwagon of people pleasing. In fact, the people-pleasing went to the extent of not being true to who I really am. 255 more words


Unlocking the MInd

This is my first assignment for WP writing 101. Write whatever comes to your mind, unedited for 20 minutes.

The reason I am taking this course is to learn to be a better writer. 603 more words

Writing 101 WP

Be the safe person...not the Judge!

I had an interesting conversation last night with a friend of mine who seems to feel another friend we have in common (though I haven’t seen her for a few years) is “stuck” in her marriage. 756 more words