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Five Listening Barriers that Prevent You From Being a Better Flirter

Have you ever been flirting with someone and found your mind wandering, even though you were interested in the person you were talking to?

Or have you ever started thinking ahead to what the next step in the flirting process will be and missing something that the other person was saying at that moment? 875 more words


Tell Me What You're Looking For

Many times, job interviews feel like a roll of the dice.  Even as adults, when we are job hunting, sometimes we have no idea what the interviewer is looking for or why we didn’t get a response to our resume or a second interview.  408 more words

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How Abraham Lincoln Mastered Collaboration: 4 Key Elements

Do executive leaders always have a clear idea of what powerful collaboration looks like? Do they always understand what it takes to build high-quality, result-focused collaboration between and across teams, and how they themselves can set the right example for the organizations they lead? 894 more words



Sometimes the hardest thing to find
Is a way to express what is on your mind
Are words always enough to get across
Feelings ranging from love to loss? 183 more words


Rules for listening

Every law student learns about default rules in contract law. A recent post from Matt Homann at the billable hour shows how default rules can affect communication as well. 299 more words

People Skills

Embracing interruptions

One of the rewarding aspects of starting this blog has been the opportunity to challenge preconceived notions about listening — both my own and others. This recent… 131 more words

People Skills