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Are you a real manager or merely a position filler? Real managers know the difference, do you?

I am always amazed with how little training most managers get before being put into management positions. How about you?

Most managers are merely employees who were in the right place when a manager position was needing to be filled. 513 more words

Great Managers

People skills

I do have fucking people skills, goddamnit. I understand Tom Smykowski’s frustration in Office Space, I really do. If you haven’t seen this gem of a movie, I highly recommend you view it as soon as humanly possible, especially if you work in an office environment. 1,362 more words

Lead With Questions: One Action That Will Make You A Trustful Leader

“I’ll probably lose my job for this, but where has security ever gotten me? Bring on the adversity I say! “

That day I must have had one too many shots of expresso, but taking the time to understand my fellow teammates is must. 59 more words

People skills are natural, you need no skills at all

In today’s Society we all have lost sight of what true People skills are.

True People skills is something we all have within us, but with all the negative crap around us, around the planet Earth and even when we go to work, we get caught up with what we “think” is normal cause everybody else is doing it, through all the life events and world events that happen to each of us daily and with the Political correction that has engulfed this Society, we have forgotten and become lost at what true People skills really mean. 536 more words

Coaching listening

One way to become a better listener is to work with a coach. Just Google “listening coach” and you may be surprised by how many resources there are. 576 more words

People Skills

The Nose on Your Face

The Nose on Your Face. By: Gary Hays

Some very dear friends of my wife and I live in a remote cabin in a holler in Tennessee. 921 more words


Are you the best 'people magnet' you can be?

Learn to be an expert about connecting with people, if you can master the art of turning contacts into relationships in business, as well as life you will have unlimited success. 306 more words

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