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Engineering Business Success - Successful Lessons in Building a Thriving Company by Herb Johnson

      The book’s title may seem like it fits in a specialized niche – business or engineering, perhaps both. While it’s true that reading Engineering Business Success… 544 more words

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Listening on TV: What Sitcom Clips Can Teach Lawyers

Thanks to Tami K. Lefko for this fun and informative guest post.

I often use clips from television shows and movies in class, and there are a few related to active listening that I especially like. 559 more words

People Skills

Quick Tips for Remembering Names (And Why It's Important!)

“Hello world! My name is Kayla. It’s so nice to meet you.”

“Why hello Kayla! What a pleasure. I see you’re busy typing on your computer. 685 more words


People Skills

Genuine Interest: This is the most important point. If you don’t have an interest in someone don’t speak to them. It saves you coming off as rude when you just sit their and nod. 1,198 more words


Turning People Into Trees -- Not Such A Crazy Idea

When autumn arrives, many of us are compelled to break away from the daily grind just long enough to appreciate the beauty of trees. The next time you do that, think about the people who try your patience—the ones you just can’t bring yourself to love—and see if this quote from Ram Dass softens the way you see them. 146 more words

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Party With A Purpose

When our kids go off to college, usually the last thing we worry about is their social lives.  We secretly hope they are spending at least a few Saturday nights by themselves studying in their dorm room instead of out with their friends trolling the campus for a good party. 385 more words

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