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Mindfulness and mental chatter

Listen Like a Lawyer is headed into that time of year when it’s going to be difficult to maintain weekly posts. Being too busy has a detrimental effect not only on one’s blogging goals; it can also interfere with communication. 601 more words

People Skills

The Mind's Eye

The mind’s eye – has a mind of it’s own

As a project manager you’re in the relationship management business, forming/building teams establishing working relationships with bosses etc. 500 more words

Project Management

5 Lessons in 5 Minutes: How to Be Charming

Charm gets a bad wrap – we see it as something fake or deceitful. But when it’s sincere, charm can help you build relationships and advance in your career.  18 more words


Dr Bloom

TM Lewin shirt on – tick. Banana republic trousers on – tick. Prada shoes on – tick. Prada handbag –tick. New calculator with my name on- tick. 698 more words


5 Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Someone: Backed By Research

Here are the things you can tell just by looking at someone

Space Between Calls, Day 4

I’m waging a war with my amygdala.

Everyone has a childhood fear that follows them into adulthood–sometimes it’s spiders, sometimes it’s heights; surely you name it, and someone’s afraid of it. 1,000 more words

Personal Thoughts

Avoiding the Tit-for-Tat

If someone takes unfair advantage of you, use the occasion to practice the servant life. No more tit-for-tat stuff

Honestly, how is our walk with God? 206 more words