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911, What's your emergency?


You know how wonderful it feels when someone gives you a compliment? That warm, fuzzy feeling you get inside. It’s always the best thing in the world at that time. 600 more words


How To Win Friends & Influence People Book Review

It amazes me how connected the world is. I believe that we live in the greatest era in history. We have the world at our fingertips. 1,041 more words


On the Social Phenomenon of Dislike

I had a friend once who believed no one liked him, and that’s because no one ever did. Nobody liked him, and this depressed him constantly. 568 more words

Personal Reflections

Listening to internal and external clients

A friend recently sent me a nice compliment about the blog. She works in sales and marketing (not within the legal industry) and said she’s finding the listening skills discussed here very useful for communicating with both “internal and external customers.” 708 more words

People Skills

Diversity: Our Building Block and Our Weakest Link

Unless you are an American Indian or the descendant of an American Indian then you have the bloodline of an Immigrant. I am not and American Indian or descendant. 583 more words


It's Not Personal!.........Yeah Right !!

If I was to grade my strengths and weaknesses throughout my life having difficult conversations would rank pretty low. I certainly have had them, anywhere from telling people we were going to have to shut down their location to informing my Mom that my Dad would not be going home with us that night. 702 more words


Game On Wednesday: Brush Up Your Communication Skills

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I have to speak in front of people all the time. Sometimes it can be unnerving, but most times I do it with ease because I’ve practiced for a long time. 148 more words

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