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The High Life

Well, the evil corporation wants chain me to their shelves for Christmas. My mother wants me to come home. I just want to live in the library. 540 more words

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Feet And Faffing

Husb and I spent a week in Malta, which is why I haven’t done much blogging, because Internet access was poor and we were out walking, exploring and drawing every day. 110 more words


People watching

Looking past

The eyebrows to eyes

That have no reason

To hope any more

For fragrant glances.

Tired eyes that spend their time

On angles and edges, joints… 25 more words


Crowd Sketching

With Christmas activities in full swing, there’s been more interesting things to sketch than usual. I went to a concert in the park a few weeks ago and spent more time sketching the audience than watching the performers – so many dogs and babies, so little time. 29 more words


There's No Such Thing As A Small Lie

I love people watching. But then again, who doesn’t?!

I was recently enjoying a coffee at my downtown athletic club after a morning work out. I observed a few women and could not help but to overhear the following scene: 457 more words


Human Aquariums

I love airports- they are absolutely just big aquariums for humans. Most of us consider them obstacles to get through before we get to the our final destinations. 834 more words

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