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Two homeless with their dogs on a streetcar.

Two street people, a guy and a girl, with backpacks, a guitar case and two dogs, one black and one white.

Red plaid scarf on the guy, whose face I have yet to see. 39 more words

​The bad behaviours of others could be in fact be your fault...

Some people only thrive when they are sandwiched in between other people. They feel confident when they are in a group of others who possess or encourage the same antisocial ​or bad behaviours. 322 more words

Get In Quick

Husb and I are off to the cinema now in a minute so I did a really quick sketch for my drawing blog tonight. I used my Samsung Galaxy Tablet Note 8 with the free Markers app. 14 more words


What's this all about?

This is me. The creator of this blog. Some things that you people watchers may notice is that I am young (17 years old), tall (6’5″), and standing in the middle of nowhere (Rupert, ID). 87 more words


My Life in Books: Books and Coffee Shops

Where and when do you see people reading for pleasure?

After school, on Fridays, myself and my friends from work go to the local Wetherspoons (because we are classy like that) and have a few drinks, talk about the students we teach and funny stories that have happened during the week. 579 more words


I don't mean to bore you ...but ....

Tonight I’ve been wondering about yawning. That bizarre phenomenon that most of us know little about … because while there are many myths and theories, there are not all that a many facts. 155 more words


Another random night of doodling at the grocery store. I got a bit bored trying to sketch people who were constantly walking away (the nerve of them, paying for their groceries and leaving while I’m creepishly trying to sketch them from a shadowy corner) and started to do some imaginative sketching. 63 more words