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People in My School Cafeteria

Here I sit, alone, in my school’s cafeteria. I have all but sworn this place off, mostly because it is notoriously known as a watering hole for 1st years and professors, and who wants to eat surrounded by people who have no idea whats going on and people who know way too much. 579 more words


Northern Soul

Husb and I went to the Taliesin cinema this evening to see Northern Soul, a great film with a fantastic soundtrack. Set in the 1970s, it reminded us how grubby and ugly Britain was back then, at least in the working class areas. 72 more words


It's not creepy unless I stare

Setting: Lipscomb University Student Center

Day and Time: Roughly 1 p.m. on Wednesday, January 28

Complete with: Sarcastic comments

The Observations

1:07 – I sit down at an empty booth, pull out my laptop, realize I don’t feel like writing a paper yet, and begin watching. 530 more words

Eye Contact

I can look a little different, but that's okay.

Sometimes I get weird looks because of my appearance. I have two more piercings than a good girl should, I dye my hair weird rainbow-mermaid colours and I’m too poor to keep up with fashion trends. 515 more words

Equine Wavelengths

She rides a horse into the sun: walk, trot, gallop. She cries commands and telepathy does the rest – equine wavelengths mean a lot round here. 34 more words

The End Of The Road

It was a sad day in our city. A local man who was well known to many of us has died. I blogged about him… 187 more words